Writing: Spanish to English (1)

In this Spanish Difficult Review quiz you will be getting the opportunity to write sentences going from Spanish to English. Before you delve into the quiz, please do check out the sister quizzes to this. The sister quizzes are the Spanish Difficult Review quizzes titled Writing: English to Spanish (1) and Writing: English to Spanish (2). Once those two quizzes have been tackled then it is time to tackle this quiz and Writing: Spanish to English (2).

Each of these quizzes has been created to help you to draw upon all of your Spanish vocabulary words and to see if you have grasped sentence structure, verb tense and proper pronouns. It is also a writing quiz which means that you MUST write when taking this quiz. Therefore, please write down each of the ten Spanish quiz sentences.

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Once you've written down the sentence, your next task is to translate that sentence into a proper English sentence. Next, look back at the given answers and see if you can locate the correct English translation of the given sentence and see if your translation matches. Now, if are comfortable with moving forward, then please get some paper and a pen or pencil and then begin the quiz.

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  1. Ella encontró el cepillo de dientes en el baño.
    The given sentence reads: She found the toothbrush in the bathroom.
  2. Él es un florista en Nueva York.
    The given sentence reads: He is a florist in New York.
  3. Candice vio mil saltamontes en su piscina.
    The given sentence reads: Candice saw a thousand grasshoppers in her pool.
  4. Los extraterrestres visitarán la Tierra un día.
    The given sentence reads: Aliens will visit the Earth one day. Notice that it is a future tense verb. (As a side note, 'extraterrestres' can also mean 'extraterrestrials'.
  5. Yo siempre miro antes de saltar.
    The given sentence reads: I always look before I leap.
  6. El sacerdote está coincidiendo con la monja.
    The given sentence reads: The priest is agreeing with the nun.
  7. El estudiante necesitó utilizar la mejor sustantivo.
    The given sentence reads: The student needed to use the best noun.
  8. Corrieron a través de un ensayo más.
    The given sentence reads: They ran through one more rehearsal.
  9. ¿Usted jugará tres-en-ray con mi?
    The given sentence reads: Will you play tic-tac-toe with me? [Note: You will often see 'with me' translated as 'conmigo' in Spanish so please be aware of that.]
  10. Pedro estuvo teniendo su decimotercera fiesta de cumpleaños.
    The given sentence reads: Peter was having his thirteenth birthday party.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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