A Day In The Life Of A Fireman

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review some Spanish vocabulary words that can be found in a day in the life of a fireman.

Have you decided what it is that you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A lawyer? A scientist? A teacher? A police officer? How about being a fireman? Being a fireman can be a very dangerous job but it is also a very fulfilling job – especially when you are able to rescue people and pets.

The fireman’s workday is long. Most firemen work twenty-four hours a day for four days straight, trying to catch a nap or two here and there.

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Then they are off for three days and then back on. Those 24 hour work days can be grueling so it takes a very deep commitment and dedication to do that work. Just like it takes a very deep commitment and dedication to learn how to speak a new language. How committed and dedicated have you been towards learning Spanish? Well, let’s see if we can check that out here with this quick picture quiz.

The quiz is all about what can be found or what can happen in a day in the life of a fireman! You know the drill. In each of the quiz sentences, for any word that has been shown in all capitalized letters – you must find its Spanish translation. What’s that? The bell just rang… That means you’re up!

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  1. Firemen JUMP to action when the alarm goes off!
    The first thing you need to do is to determine which pronoun can replace firemen. That would be they. The Spanish verb for they jump is saltan.
  2. After a fire you just want TO CLEAN yourself.
    This sentence is using the base form of the verb 'to clean'. The Spanish verb for 'to clean' is limpiar.
  3. A well balanced breakfast to start the DAY!
    The Spanish word for day is día.
  4. A fireman’s hat and JACKET are always ready.
    The Spanish word for jacket is chaqueta.
  5. Firemen always bring a rescue TRUCK.
    The Spanish word for truck is camión.
  6. Firemen must each know which DIRECTION to go to get to the fire quickly.
    Okay, this one should have been pretty easy. The Spanish word for direction is dirección.
  7. Without a fire hose there would be no WATER to put the fire out.
    The Spanish word for water is agua.
  8. Looks like this fire will rage well into the NIGHT.
    The Spanish word for night is noche.
  9. Did you know that firemen often have to rescue cats out of TREES?
    The Spanish word for trees is árboles.
  10. A fireman NEEDS time to relax after putting out a fire.
    First you must determine the pronoun that can replace a fireman. That would be he. The Spanish verb for he needs is necesita.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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