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This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take you on a trip through items that one could find and associate with Asia. When you see the word Asia, what comes to mind? Culture? Food? Rugs? Technologies? Did you know that there are 51 major Asian countries? Among them are Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Tibet and China. The Asian culture has a deep and dramatic heritage!

Many of us are familiar with a number of aspects of the Asian heritage. Because of that familiarity, this quiz will help you to combine some of that knowledge of its heritage through visual pictures. You will then demonstrate that knowledge through using your Spanish vocabulary.

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Therefore, with that in mind, be sure to carefully take a look at each of the ten quiz pictures. Next, read the sentence that goes with the picture. See if you can locate the correct Spanish word that will be the perfect translation of the word that has been shown in all capitalized letters. Remember – it is all about Asia!

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  1. Golden DOORS to a Japanese home.
    The Spanish word for doors is puertas.
  2. My goodness! That’s a lot of gold CATS!
    The Spanish word for cats is gatos.
  3. This beautiful Japanese lady has painted her face WHITE.
    The Spanish word for white is blanca. (Remember that the word white is being used as an adjective here. Therefore, it must take on the form of the object it is describing. The Spanish word for face is cara. As it is feminine, so too much white be feminine.)
  4. Grandfather loves TO SHOW his grandson all about bonsai!
    The Spanish word for 'to show' is mostrar.
  5. The dragon is often used to celebrate the Chinese ____.
    The dragon is often used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Spanish words for 'New Year' are 'año nuevo'
  6. These three WOMEN are dressed in festive costumes.
    The Spanish word for women is mujeres.
  7. These lanterns are orange, green and ____.
    The Spanish word for yellow is amarilla. It is in the feminine form as it is describing the lantern which, in Spanish, is linterna.
  8. These sure are some funny looking HATS!
    The Spanish word for hats is sombreros.
  9. This paper BIRD art form is known as origami.
    The Spanish word for bird is pájaro.
  10. A bowl of RICE to be eaten with chopsticks.
    The Spanish word for rice is arroz.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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