All I Want For Christmas

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will refresh your memory of what I want for Christmas or, maybe, what you want! Think about it! Christmas morning and Christmas Day are magical times for children of all ages! The anticipation is almost unbearable for many but so well worth it as family and friends gather together to celebrate.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions in your family? Well, people from all around the world have traditions and the same feelings of joy, giving and celebration. So for this quick picture quiz, we’re going to take a look at some of the things people receive at Christmas and some traditions. So pull your chair up to the tree and see how well you can celebrate with these pictures in Spanish!

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  1. I sure would love to get a PUPPY!
    The Spanish word for puppy is cachorro.
  2. A festive CANDLE makes a great table centerpiece!
    The Spanish word for candle is vela.
  3. Can you see Santa up in the CHIMNEY?
    The Spanish word for chimney is chimenea.
  4. Looks like the PRESENTS are under the tree!
    This is rather an easy one! The Spanish word for presents is presentes.
  5. Daddy buys mother a new pair of GLOVES every Christmas.
    The Spanish word for gloves is guantes.
  6. What would Christmas be without HOLLY?
    The Spanish word for holly is acebo.
  7. A neatly wrapped GIFT is a Christmas tradition.
    The Spanish word for gift is regalo.
  8. Looks like Santa’s SLEIGH is crossing the moon!
    The Spanish word for sleigh is trineo.
  9. SANTA CLAUS is picking up some of the many Christmas Wish Lists!
    The Spanish word(s) for Santa Claus are Papá Noel.
  10. That is a mighty fine red hat and SCARF you have there!
    The Spanish word for scarf is bufanda.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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