Animal Magic

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test your Spanish vocabulary skills surrounding animals and animal magic! Animals are, after all, quite magical when you think about it. The way they can survive in the wild stretches the imagination and for those that live indoors with us – well, they have a way of making us feel really good and they can certainly entertain us for hours!

In the Spanish Easy Review academic quizzes you learned how to say the names of a number of different animals. Most of those animals are the ones that we have come to love and enjoy their company. It seems that whenever we have a special fondness or love for something, that love and fondness helps to make life easier – including the learning of a new language. (You knew we had to get that in there!)

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Therefore, in this quick picture review quiz, each of the following ten sentences will have something to do with animals and the magic they bring to us! All you need to do is find the correct translation of the capitalized words.

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  1. Can we TALK?
    The Spanish base verb that needs to be used here for talk is hablar.
  2. The butterfly sat right on my FINGER!
    The Spanish word for finger is dedo.
  3. I bet you can’t see ME!
    The Spanish word for me is me.
  4. Do I really have to eat this whole APPLE?
    The Spanish word for apple is manzana.
  5. What color IS this dragonfly?
    The Spanish verb for ‘is’ when the condition is more permanent is ser. This means that the first and third answers can be eliminated. The next thing is to determine which indefinite pronoun can replace the dragonfly. That would be ‘it’. The Spanish verb for ‘it is’ is ‘es’.
  6. No, we are not CATS or rats!
    The Spanish word for cats is gatos.
  7. This ferocious animal belongs to the APE family.
    The Spanish word for ape is mono.
  8. How big can an OCTOPUS get?
    The Spanish word for octopus is pulpo.
  9. Do you think she knows that there is a monkey on her BACK?
    The Spanish word for back is espalda.
  10. Yes, I do see TWO bats.
    The Spanish word for two is dos.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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