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This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will review some of the different languages found in the world. So, do you think you can say it? So far you have been learning how to speak in Spanish. That is an amazing accomplishment and you should be very proud of taking that step. There are, however, many other languages and cultures throughout the world. Therefore, for this quiz picture quiz we are going to check into a few of those languages and/or cultures.

Some of the quiz sentences found below will provide you with the language and/or custom while other sentences contain a blank space for you to fill in. Remember to pay close attention to spelling and look at the pictures for clues of how you can say it in the appropriate language.

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  1. The SPANISH love to have spicy rice!
    To find the correct answer here you need to know how to spell Spanish in Spanish and that is español.
  2. The CHINESE love to display colorful dragons.
    To find the correct answer here you need to know how to spell Chinese in Spanish. Chinese in Spanish is chino.
  3. This is a perfect ENGLISH sight found around London.
    To find the correct answer here you need to know how to spell English in Spanish. English in Spanish is inglés. Notice that it has an accent mark above the 'e'.
  4. Beautiful FRENCH hills!
    To find the correct answer here you need to know how to spell French in Spanish. French in Spanish is francés.
  5. Here you have some GERMAN beer and sausages.
    The Spanish word for German is alemán.
  6. The Taj Mahal is a famous _____ landmark.
    The Taj Mahal is a famous landmark located in India. Therefore, it is an Indian” landmark. The Spanish word for Indian is indio.
  7. When in Rome, do as the ________!
    Since Rome is in Italy you can speak Italian and do Italian things. The Spanish word for Italians is italianos.
  8. This beautiful Geisha girl speaks ________.
    Geisha girls are very famous, and beautiful, Japanese girls. Japanese girls speak Japanese. Japanese in Spanish is japonés.
  9. Do you know how to read this? What language is it?
    The words you see in this picture are in Latin. Latin in Spanish is latín.
  10. This is the flag of Portugal where they speak _______.
    If you are in Portugal, then you will say things in Portuguese. Portuguese in Spanish is portugués.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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