Color Me In!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will revisit some colors in Spanish in order to help you color me in! Can you imagine what the world would be like if there was no color in it? What if everything was only black and white or shades of grey? That would be pretty boring. Luckily, we have thousands of colors in the world to make everything bright and cheerful!

Luckily for you, for this quick picture review quiz you only need to know a very small handful of colors in Spanish. Therefore, your task is to find the correct Spanish color that will match up to the picture. Are you ready for the challenge? Then head on down to the quiz section now and begin coloring!

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  1. What is the color of these eggplants?
    Eggplants are violet. Violet in Spanish is violeta.
  2. Do you think this girl has more fun just because her hair is this color?
    The girl in the picture has blond hair. Blond in Spanish is rubio.
  3. My grandfather had a pocket watch that looked very much like these. It was even the same color of ____.
    The two watches shown are silver. Silver in Spanish is plata.
  4. Doesn’t just about everyone own a pair of jeans in this color?
    These are probably the most popular pants in the world! They are, of course, blue jeans. Blue in Spanish is azul.
  5. What girl wouldn’t love a beautiful necklace made out of this?
    The necklaces in the picture are gold necklaces. The Spanish word for gold is oro.
  6. You don’t often see cookies this color.
    Looking at each answer, the first, third and last answers are all body parts (nose, arm and back) so they would not be right. You do not often see turquoise cookies. The Spanish word for turquoise is turquesa.
  7. She looks so sweet in this color!
    This girl is definitely all in pink. The Spanish word for pink is rosado.
  8. What a masterful piece of coral! Don’t you love its color of ____?
    This beautiful piece of coral is peach in color. The Spanish word for peach is melocotón.
  9. Purple and pink ____ go so well together!
    This picture clearly shows purple and pink flowers. The Spanish word for flowers is flores.
  10. Is it red or ____?
    The second answer means red so it cannot be that answer. The third answer means brunette. That’s not likely. The last answer means periwinkle. It is definitely not that one. The first answer means maroon. Ah, now that one fits!

Author: Christine G. Broome

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