Digging in The Dirt

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review some of your Spanish vocabulary words that will have you digging in the dirt. Did you know that one of the biggest hobbies that people universally have is that of gardening? There is so much pleasure of tending to plants and garden vegetables and then watching them grow and flourish! Some people become masters at designing their gardens, knowing what to plant, where to plant and when to plant. They are landscape artists and they love digging in the dirt!

Before we move on, let’s look at the Spanish word for landscape. That is paisaje [m] (phonetically pronounced as pa-e-sa-he). Notice that it is a masculine word. Regardless of what you grow, or if you ever become a paisaje artist, digging in the dirt can be a fun, family event and teaches everyone about responsibilities.

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Therefore, for this quick Spanish picture review quiz, roll up your sleeves and see how much you know about digging in the dirt! What are you digging for? You are digging for the correct Spanish word that matches the capitalized words.

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  1. This mother LOVES teaching her children about gardening!
    The capitalized word is a verb but before you can determine if it is the correct form, you need to determine which pronoun could replace mother. That pronoun would be she. To say 'she loves' in Spanish would be ama.
  2. It is always a good idea to wear GLOVES while working in the garden.
    The Spanish word for gloves is guantes.
  3. She is bringing you FLOWERS she grew all by herself!
    The Spanish word for flowers is flores.
  4. Mowing the GRASS helps keep it healthy.
    The Spanish word for grass is pasto.
  5. There is nothing so sweet as home grown sweet PEAS!
    The Spanish word for peas is guisantes.
  6. A good pair of rubber BOOTS works out well when digging in the yard.
    The Spanish word for boots is botas.
  7. These PLANTS are lovely but you shouldn’t try to eat them.
    The Spanish word for plants is plantas.
  8. What a lovely bunch of vine TOMATOES!
    This one should be easy because the Spanish word for tomatoes is tomates.
  9. YOU need to have the right tools to do gardening.
    In this sentence you are looking for the Spanish word for 'you'. As you do not know if it is a familiar person or a formal person the pronoun is replacing, you always choose the formal. The second and last answers show the familiar forms for 'you'. You also do not know if there is only one person or many so in this case you should choose the singular form. The third answer is the plural form so it is not correct. The first answer is the singular, formal Spanish pronoun for 'you'.
  10. Always be sure to give your plants plenty of WATER!
    The Spanish word for water is agua.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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