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This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you remember a few Spanish words that will describe some things down your way. After all, every town you go to, every city, every state and every country has its own uniqueness to it. Perhaps it’s where the shopping is. One place could have a huge indoor mall while another has an outdoor marketplace. Other places have little quaint shops.

Sometimes it’s the kind of food a place has to offer or the kind of clothes people wear. I don’t believe that you would find a young girl in high-heeled shoes running around a farm but you might see one in New York City or London or Paris. Sometimes it’s the sounds and colors that remind us of certain places. Whatever those special things are, they provide us all with memories! So, what are some of the things found down your way?

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Is there anything unique to your area? How would you like to tell someone what this is in Spanish? You probably can tell them a lot of things about your area now! Therefore, in this quiz, we are going to look at some things that are or can be related to places – places that may be down your way!

With that in mind, take a close look at each of the following quiz sentences and see if you can locate the Spanish word that relates to the capitalized word in the sentence. Also, please take some time to think about the place itself. These beautiful pictures will help you to do just that!

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  1. I bet that a lot of MONEY is spent here!
    The Spanish word for money is dinero.
  2. Would you find this MAN in the city or in the country?
    The Spanish word for man is hombre.
  3. You can find many double-decker BUSES in London.
    The Spanish word for bus is autobús. When the last syllable of a word contains and accent mark, that accent mark is dropped in the plural form of the word. Therefore, the Spanish word for buses is autobuses.
  4. A nice quiet STREET to stroll on!
    Of the four answers given here, you have only learned one so that should make the answer easier to find. The first answer means alley. The second answer means road. The last answer means freeway. The third answer means street and it is the Spanish word that you know and that you are looking for here.
  5. Can you see the palm TREES?
    The Spanish word for trees is árboles. Because the accent mark is on the first syllable, it remains.
  6. Okay, is that really a DEER in the middle of town?
    The Spanish word for deer is venado.
  7. Some girls still wear SKIRTS in the city.
    The Spanish word for skirts is faldas. Minifaldas means mini-skirts but it is not what you are looking for here.
  8. Skyscrapers reach up to a light BLUE city sky!
    The Spanish word for blue is azul.
  9. San Francisco is famous for its TROLLEYS!
    The Spanish word for trolley is tranvías. In this sentence you are looking for the plural form of the word. At first thought you might believe it to be tranvias but that would not be correct. Only when the accent mark is on the last syllable is it dropped in the plural form of the word. The word is pronounced trăn-vē-ă meaning the accent mark is on the second syllable. Therefore it is not dropped. The Spanish word for trolleys is then tranvías.
  10. In some places people HANG their clothes up on outdoor clotheslines.
    You are looking for a verb here so the first thing you need to do is determine the proper pronoun for people. That would be ‘they’. The first answer means they sweep. The second answer means they hope. The third answer means they win and the last answer means they hang.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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