Dressing Up

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review some of your dressing up Spanish vocabulary words. Do you remember getting dressed up when you were young? Most children love to play with mommy’s and daddy’s clothes so they can act like grown-ups. That desire to dress up and be something else, and sometimes someone else, in life seems to stay with us throughout our lives.

Halloween is a great time to dress up but so is going out to a party or to the theater. That desire is also the same in different cultures and since you are learning Spanish, you can now talk about dressing up using some of your newly learned vocabulary words. Therefore, please take a look at each of the following ten quiz sentences. Within each sentence you will find one word shown in all capitalized letters. Your challenge is to then locate the correct Spanish translation of the capitalized word. Remember, all of the sentences are about getting dressed up!

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  1. This little darling is so pretty in PINK!
    The Spanish word for pink is rosado.
  2. I am all dressed up for CHRISTMAS DAY!
    The Spanish words for Christmas Day are día de Navidad.
  3. A dressed up clown gives the GIRL a pink balloon!
    The Spanish word for girl is chica.
  4. This little girl and her father PLAY a princess and a king at the summer festival.
    The first thing you need to do is to determine which pronoun can replace ‘little girl and her father’. That would be ‘they’. The Spanish verb for ‘they play’ is juegan.
  5. Some people HIDE behind a mask.
    The first thing you need to do is to determine which pronoun can replace ‘some people’. That would be ‘they’. The Spanish verb for ‘they hide’ is encubren.
  6. This dressed up mime has a lot of HANDS!
    The Spanish word for hands is manos.
  7. These dressed up pirates have made their own BOAT.
    The Spanish word for boat is barco.
  8. Boys and girls love to dress up in their parents’ SHOES!
    The Spanish word for shoes is zapatos.
  9. Dressing up for a NIGHT on the town.
    The Spanish word for night is noche.
  10. THEY are all dressed up for Halloween!
    Here you are looking for a pronoun. The Spanish pronoun for ‘they’ when ‘they’ are all ‘girls’ is ‘ellas’.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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