Feathered Friends

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will review some of the Spanish names for our feathered friends! Tweet-tweet! No matter what language you may call them in, they are one of nature’s fascinations. After all, they can do something we humans cannot do. They can fly! That’s without an airplane! Now let’s see how quickly you can fly through this quiz! For each feathery friend that is shown in all capitalized letters, quickly locate their Spanish counterpart (or translation).

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  1. Put two ROOSTERS together and they are bound to fight.
    The Spanish word for roosters is gallos.
  2. Shirley Temple went looking for a BLUEBIRD in one of her movies.
    The Spanish word for bluebird is azulejo.
  3. Did you know that a HUMMINGBIRD can hover in one place and fly backwards?
    The Spanish word for hummingbird is colibrí.
  4. Many people have CANARIES as pets.
    The Spanish word for canaries is canarios.
  5. I don’t think that fox should mess with that CROW.
    The Spanish word for crow is cuervo.
  6. It is said that DOVES represent peace.
    The Spanish name of doves is palomas.
  7. A mother duck and her DUCKLINGS are crossing the road.
    The Spanish word for ducklings is patitos.
  8. The bird of the United States is the bald EAGLE!
    The Spanish word for eagle is águila.
  9. FLAMINGOS are large, pink birds.
    The Spanish word for flamingos is flamencos.
  10. Some people keeps HENS as pets so they can have fresh eggs every day.
    The Spanish word for hens is gallinas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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