Going Up in Tens

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review your Spanish numbers by going up in tens. If you need to do a quick review of your numbers, please review the Spanish Easy Review math quizzes on counting. At this point you should be able to count from zero (0) to one hundred (100). As the quiz entails going up in tens, you will only have to deal with whole numbers. It should be a rather easy quiz so sit back, relax and then start counting!

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  1. There are over 80 Smarties in the candy box!
    The Spanish number for 80 is ochenta.
  2. Clara’s friends held a surprise party for her when she turned 20!
    The Spanish number for 20 is veinte.
  3. You are supposed to give diamonds when you celebrate 60 years of marriage.
    The Spanish number of 60 is sesenta.
  4. Chris was more than excited to learn that she had saved 100 dollars in her Christmas fund.
    The Spanish number for 100 is cien.
  5. Because the road was windy and many accidents happened, the speed limit was reduced to 40 miles per hour.
    The Spanish number for 40 is cuarenta.
  6. John got a bike on his birthday when he turned 10 years old.
    The Spanish number for 10 is diez.
  7. They still look very happy after being married for 30 years!
    The Spanish number for 30 is treinta.
  8. At age 70, Mariam still loved to work in her garden!
    The Spanish number for 70 is setenta.
  9. Sarah was ecstatic when she found that the new dress that she wanted was on sale at 50 percent off of the original price!
    The Spanish number for 50 is cincuenta
  10. According to the salesman, the car’s top speed is 90 miles per hour.
    The Spanish number for 90 is noventa.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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