Grammar - AR Verbs (Group 1)

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz will begin your learning experience using Spanish verbs. Just as in English, a verb is an action word that tells us what action is, has or will be taking place. In Spanish Easy Review you will only have to focus on actions that are currently taking place. Before you can get to that, however, you have to learn the base form of a verb. The base form is written as or spoken as 'to play', 'to go', 'to read' and so on. In Spanish there are three different base verbs. Those are AR, ER and IR verbs. That means the base verb will end in either ar, er or ir. These endings will have more meaning when you get into conjugating verbs but you will not have to focus on that here.

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Rather, this is to help you to stretch your vocabulary of verbs, reinforce the verbs you already know and then test to see how well you remember the base verbs.

Now let’s have a look at some of the more commonly used AR verbs.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As:
to stop, to end, to finish acabar ă-că-băr
to love amar ă-măr
to bat, to hit batear bă-tā-ăr
to kiss besar bā-săr
to walk caminar că-mē-năr
to sing cantar căn-tăr
to buy comprar cŏm-prăr
to climb escalar ā-scă-lăr
to study estudiar ā-stū-dē-ăr
to like gustar gū-stăr
to speak hablar ă-blăr (Notice the 'h' is silent.)
to call llamar yă-măr

Oftentimes in Spanish, a Spanish word will look and sound very similar to an English word so it is easy to quickly know and understand the word. Many times, however, the English and Spanish words that mean the same thing look and are spelled completely different. This is why it takes time to learn a new language. There is a lot of memorization that needs to happen. However, the more you review and practice these vocabulary words, the quicker each word will be recognized and remembered by you.

Another note to make relates to the Spanish verb for hit. Note that batear is used when you hit a ball. Think of the first three letters of BAT. When it comes to hitting say a person or the wall, Spanish uses another verb which you will learn at a later time. You will need to remember the proper usage of batear however.

Once you begin to feel really comfortable with these verbs, move on to the ten quiz sentences below. The base verb has been capitalized. From the answers provided, try to find the correct verb, whether in English or Spanish, that matches the capitalized verb.

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  1. He had TO STUDY for his final exam last night.
    The Spanish verb for 'to study' is 'estudiar'.
  2. TO LIKE anything from that generation is just weird.
    The Spanish verb for 'to like' is 'gustar'.
  3. I love TO SING in the shower because I think it sounds much better.
    The Spanish verb for 'to sing' is 'cantar'.
  4. I want TO BUY you a new car once I can afford it.
    The Spanish verb for 'to buy' is 'comprar'.
  5. Jamie wanted TO KISS his girlfriend but her parents were watching.
    The Spanish verb for 'to kiss' is 'besar'.
  6. Mandy wanted TO HIT the ball out of the park.
    The Spanish verb for 'to hit' when referring to a ball is 'batear'.
  7. He had TO FINISH his homework before he could meet up with his friends.
    The Spanish verb for 'to finish' is 'acabar'.
  8. The Principal would like TO SPEAK to Jason in his office right now.
    The Spanish verb for 'to speak' is 'hablar'.
  9. He had TO WALK to the train station after his car broke down.
    The Spanish verb for 'to walk' is 'caminar'.
  10. I would love TO CLIMB Mt. Everest one day!
    The Spanish verb for 'to climb' is 'escalar'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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