Grammar - ER Verbs (Group 1)

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz will take a first look at 'er' verbs. Spanish has three different kinds of base verbs. A base verb has the word 'to' before it. For example, 'to speak', 'to call' and 'to read'. Although verbs are action words, a base verb only tells you what the action is to be. It does not tell you when the action is to take place, in the past, in the present or in the future. In order for that to occur, the verb needs to be conjugated but that will take place in several separate quizzes. For this quiz you will only be dealing with the base verb.

Spanish, again, has three base verbs, ar, er and ir verbs.

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This quiz is going to focus solely on some of the er verbs. This means verbs that will end in er. The following list will get you started on learning and/or reviewing these er verbs.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
to learn aprender ă-prěn-deer
to sweep barrer bă-rreer (Use the tongue to roll the 'r' sound.)
to drink beber bā-beer
to believe creer crāy-eer
to fall caer că-eer
to eat comer cō-meer
to understand comprender cŏm-prěn-deer
to run correr cŏr-rreer (Use the tongue to roll the 'r' sound.)
to make, to do hacer ă-ceer (Notice that the 'h' is silent.)
to read leer lāy-eer
to have tener těn-eer
to see ver veer
to sell vender věn-deer

Once you have memorized each of these verbs, as well as practiced how they phonetically sound, move on to the quiz section. The quiz section has ten sentences with a base verb that is capitalized. For each capitalized base verb, see if you can locate the correct Spanish base verb that matches it.

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  1. I would like TO BELIEVE you but I’m having some difficulty in that.
    The Spanish verb for 'to believe' is creer.
  2. I have TO LEARN my new Spanish vocabulary words to pass this quiz.
    The Spanish verb for 'to learn' is aprender.
  3. I want TO EAT something but my stomach isn’t feeling very well.
    The Spanish verb for 'to eat' is comer.
  4. Sandra has TO MAKE a new dress for the dance on Saturday.
    The Spanish verb for 'to make' is hacer.
  5. Thomas is going TO SELL his old dirt bike.
    The Spanish verb for 'to sell' is vender.
  6. I will have TO READ the entire book over the weekend.
    The Spanish verb for 'to read' is 'leer'.
  7. Daddy will have TO RUN in order to catch his plane.
    The Spanish verb for 'to run' is correr.
  8. Mrs. Richards will have TO SEE if she can get the committee to stretch the budget.
    The Spanish verb for 'to see' is ver.
  9. You will have TO SWEEP the tent out before you can put in the sleeping bags.
    The Spanish verb for 'to sweep' is barrer.
  10. TO HAVE or not to have, that is the question.
    The Spanish verb for 'to have' is tener.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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