Grammar - ER Verbs (Group 2)

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz will continue the series of quizzes that focus on learning the base version of Spanish verbs. The base version is when the word 'to' comes before the verb such as 'to sing' or 'to play'.

As you will recall, in Spanish, there are three different types of base verbs. These are verbs that end in ar, er and ir. This quiz is the second quiz that will look at some of the er verbs. In the Spanish Easy Review ER Verbs (Group 1) you learned the following base verbs: to learn, to sweep, to drink, to believe, to fall, to eat, to understand, to run, to make, to do, to read, to have, to see and to sell.

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Now, in Group 2, you will be adding to that list of base verbs as follows.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
to absorb absorber ăb-soar-bear
to burn arder ăr-dear
to fit (in) caber că-bear
to ache doler dō-lear
to exceed exceder ex-sāy-dear
to rain llover yō-vear
to put meter mā-tear
to lose perder pear-dear
to place poner pō-near
to own, to possess poseer pō-sāy-ear
to promise prometer prō-māy-tear
to break romper rŏm-pear
to knit, to weave, to crochet tejer tāy-hear (Notice the 'j' has an 'h' sound.)
to cough toser tō-sear

Remember to take the time to really learn and memorize each of these verbs. The best way to learn them is to sound each one out loudly enough to hear yourself say and pronounce them. You want to train your ears to hear each word so that when it hears it in a conversation your brain says: 'Oh, I know what that means!'

Once you feel you have each verb well memorized, test your memory by reading the following ten sentences. Each sentence has a base verb that is capitalized. From the answers given, see if you can quickly find the meaning of the capitalized verb!

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  1. I have TO EXCEED farther than my brother to win the game.
    The Spanish verb for 'to exceed' is exceder.
  2. Jamie wants TO FIT in to the group so he can impress his parents.
    The Spanish verb for 'to fit' is caber.
  3. It looks like it is going TO RAIN soon.
    The Spanish verb for 'to rain' is llover.
  4. You do not want TO BURN the pizza do you?
    The Spanish verb for 'to burn' is arder.
  5. I am going TO PUT this letter in the mail on the way to school.
    The Spanish verb for 'to put' is 'meter'.
  6. He will have TO COUGH quietly so he won’t interrupt the speaker.
    The Spanish verb for 'to cough' is toser.
  7. You are going TO LOSE your place in line if you step away.
    The Spanish verb for 'to lose' is perder.
  8. The teacher is going TO PLACE you in the corner if you don’t behave.
    The Spanish verb for 'to place' is poner.
  9. Are you going TO PROMISE me to mind your sister?
    The Spanish verb for 'to promise' is prometer.
  10. You are going TO ACHE after that strenuous workout.
    The Spanish verb for 'to ache' is doler.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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