Grammar - Expanding Your Verb Vocabulary

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz is going to expand your verb vocabulary. You might be interested to know that even if you are just using this series of quizzes to help you to learn Spanish, you should now be able to say the base form of over 80 different Spanish verbs. That is mighty impressive! Still, there are more verbs to learn. This quiz will be adding 16 new verbs so that by the end of this quiz you will have a bank of at least 95+ Spanish verbs to draw from. That is going to greatly help you when you begin to start putting all those Spanish vocabulary words together to start forming sentences.

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Now, for your growing list (please note that this list includes ar, er and ir verbs) let’s include the following.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
to balance equilibrar ā-key-lē-brăr
to skip saltar săl-tăr
to think pensar pain-săr
to lick lamer lă-mear
to steal robar rō-băr
to hope esperar ěs-pěr-ăr
to pray orar ō-răr
to judge juzgar jūse-găr
to hang colgar coal-gă
to plan planear plăn-ā-ăr
to prevent prevenir prāy-věn-ear
to win ganar gă-năr
to save salvar săl-văr
to whistle silbar sēal-băr
to sit sentar sěn-tăr
to freeze congelar cŏn-gay-lăr

Now it is time to test how well you know these new base verbs. There are ten sentences in the quiz. Each sentence has a verb that is capitalized. From the answers given, see if you can quickly determine what that verb is.

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  1. Not everyone has TO WIN to be happy.
    The Spanish verb for 'to win' is ganar.
  2. I am going to have TO SKIP the concert this evening.
    The Spanish verb for 'to skip' is saltar.
  3. He has TO PREVENT the fight from taking place.
    The Spanish verb for 'to prevent' is prevenir.
  4. The Judge has sentenced him TO HANG.
    The Spanish verb for 'to hang' is colgar.
  5. He has TO BALANCE the budget by the end of the week.
    The Spanish verb for 'to balance' is equilibrar.
  6. Mama is going TO PLAN the biggest surprise ever!
    The Spanish verb for 'to plan' is planear.
  7. I do not want TO STEAL my brother’s candy.
    The Spanish verb for 'to steal' is robar.
  8. Be sure TO LICK the envelope well so it will seal.
    The Spanish verb for 'to lick' is lamer.
  9. You are going TO FREEZE if you don’t put a heavier coat on.
    The Spanish verb for 'to freeze' is congelar.
  10. Mary is going TO HOPE that nobody finds out.
    The Spanish verb for 'to hope' is esperar.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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