Grammar - IR Verbs (Group 1)

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz will challenge you on IR verbs. As you have learned, Spanish has three different types of base verbs. Those three types are ar, er and ir. This means that the verb ends in either ar, er or ir. A base verb is a verb that has the word 'to' before it such as 'to see', 'to drive' or 'to play'. These verbs are not showing any action but let you know what kind of an action will take place.

If you have not already done so, please check out the Spanish Easy Review quizzes titled AR Verbs (Group 1) and ER Verbs (Group 1) as this quiz will be adding to your growing list of verb vocabulary words.

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Oddly enough, IR is a verb itself. It means 'to go'. Now let’s look at some 'ir' verbs.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
to open abrir ă-brěr
to applaud aplaudir ă-plow-deer
to tell decir dāy-seer
to sleep dormir door-meer
to hide encubrir ěn-cū-beer
to write escribir ěs-cū-beer
to go ir eer
to lie mentir měn-teer
to die morir mŏr-eer
to feel sentir sěn-teer
to serve servir sě-veer
to come venir věn-eer
to dress vestir věs-teer
to live vivir vē-veer

As many of these verbs may be new vocabulary words for you, take your time in learning them to memory, as well as speaking them out loud using the phonetically pronounced guide to help you say them correctly. Also note how each word is spelled. When you feel that you are comfortable with the list of verbs, look at the ten quiz sentences below. Each sentence has a base verb that is capitalized. From the answers given see if you can determine which one is the correct Spanish base verb that will correspond to it.

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  1. I am going TO TELL on you if you don’t do what I say.
    The Spanish verb for 'to tell' is 'decir'.
  2. You don’t have TO LIE in order to have friends.
    The Spanish verb for 'to lie' is 'mentir'.
  3. Stanley is going to have TO SLEEP on the bus because of the weather.
    The Spanish verb for 'to sleep' is 'dormir'.
  4. Penny will have TO COME to the party late.
    The Spanish verb for 'to come' is 'venir'.
  5. He was ready TO APPLAUD the speaker for his moving words.
    The Spanish verb for 'to applaud' is 'aplaudir'.
  6. Billy’s father is going TO OPEN the store an hour earlier tomorrow.
    The Spanish verb for 'to open' is 'abrir'.
  7. I am beginning TO FEEL really sick.
    The Spanish verb for 'to feel' is 'sentir'.
  8. How are you going TO DRESS for the award’s ceremony?
    The Spanish verb for 'to dress' is 'vestir'.
  9. Janelle wants TO LIVE in London someday.
    The Spanish verb for 'to live' is 'vivir'.
  10. Mommy, I have TO GO to the bathroom.
    The Spanish verb for 'to go' is 'ir'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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