Grammar - What is My Spanish Name?

This Spanish Easy Review grammar quiz will test you on names. Do you know what the secret is about learning how to speak a new language fluently? In order to speak a language fluently you MUST be able to think in that language. It does take time to get there though, although some will get there faster than others. That’s okay, you have plenty of time. So, let’s try learning to think in Spanish one word at a time and we will start by using your Spanish name. Do not be worried if you do not see your name below, there will be other quizzes that will include new given names. Chances are, however, that in your Spanish class you were already given your Spanish name but here is a review of some of the more common names (your name might be among them).

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Practice saying them over and over again until when you hear say, Juan, you are thinking Juan and not, 'Okay, that is the same as John'. Your brain doesn’t have to try and interpret. Remember, you are learning to think in Spanish one word at a time.

So, let’s begin with the following list of Spanish names.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
Alexander Alejandro Ăl-ā-hăn-drō (note the 'j' has an 'h' sound)
Amanda Amanda Ă-măn-dă
Ann (or Anna) Ana although Anna is also used, however, Ana with one n is more common Ă-nă
Christine Cristina Kris-tē-nă
David Davíd Dăv-ēd (note the accent mark over the 'i' - this means the letter is said more strongly so emphasize the ē sound; also note that David without an accent mark is acceptable and, in some Spanish regions, is actually used more so than with the accent mark)
Edward Eduardo Ed-wăăr-dō
Emily Emilia Ĕm-ē-lē-ă
William Guillermo Gē-year-mō
George Jorge Hŏr-hay (the 'J' and the 'g' have an 'h' sound)
Joseph José Hō-zāy (the 'J' has an 'h' sound and the 's' has a 'z' sound)
John Juan Hwan (the 'J' has an 'h' sound but it is spoken softly so it almost sounds like 'wan' as in the word wand minus the 'd')
Mary (and Marie) María Mă-rē-ă
Peter Pedro Pay-drō
Robert Roberto Rō-bert-ō
Sarah Sara Sără
Stephen Esteban Ĕs-tā-băn
Thomas Tomás Toe-măs

If you found your name above, try using the Spanish version for a few days until when you hear the name, you react to it as quickly as you do to your English name. That’s part of learning to think in another language.

Now, without looking back at this introduction, each quiz number below contains a given name. Look at the name and then see if you cannot only find the correct corresponding name - but the correct spelling of that name!

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  1. EDWARD is one of the lead characters in the Twilight series.
    The Spanish name for Edward is Eduardo.
  2. WILLIAM Shakespeare was a famous writer.
    The Spanish name for William is Guillermo.
  3. What is your favorite STEPHEN King novel?
    The Spanish name for Stephen is Esteban.
  4. In history today we learned about THOMAS Edison.
    The Spanish name for Thomas is Tomás.
  5. One of the lead characters in Phantom of the Opera is CHRISTINE.
    The Spanish name for Christine is Cristina. There are no accent marks in the name.
  6. ALEXANDER did not have a very good day today.
    The Spanish name for Alexander is Alejandro. There are no accent marks in the name.
  7. She wanted to know if her friend EMILY could spend the night.
    The Spanish name for Emily is Emilia.
  8. Did anyone see where ROBERT went?
    The Spanish name for Robert is Roberto. There are no accent marks in the name.
  9. GEORGE Washington was the first President of the United States.
    The Spanish name for Gorge is Jorge. Remember that the 'J' and the 'g' both have an 'h' sound.
  10. JOSEPH got a new bicycle for his birthday.
    The Spanish name for Joseph is José.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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