How Far Is It?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test you on your Spanish distance vocabulary when it comes to seeing just how far is it. Have you ever been on a family trip and someone asks, "Are we there yet?" Then when they get the response, "No, not yet," they come back and ask, "How far is it?"

This questioning and answering seems to turn into a ping pong game as the same questions and answers get batted back and forth roughly every 5 to 10 minutes until you finally get to your destination. Here is a little secret – that questioning never stops – not even when you get older because everyone always wants to know, "How far is it?" And you can bet that that question gets asked even in Spanish too!

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So, for this quick picture quiz you are going to look at ten sentences that all have to do with how far is it. You only need to find the correct Spanish word for the word that has been shown in all capitalized letters. It could be a noun, a verb, a pronoun, a definite article and so on. The mixture of words is to help you see how far you have come in learning Spanish!

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  1. How far is it TO the other side of the bridge?
    The Spanish word for 'to' is 'a'.
  2. How far will I have to walk to get to the SNOW on that mountain?
    The Spanish word for snow is nieve.
  3. Can you see how far away the MOON is?
    The Spanish word for moon is luna.
  4. Is that really a BIRD I can see way over there?
    The Spanish word for bird is pájaro.
  5. How far do you think you would be able TO SEE using this binocular?
    The Spanish verb for 'to see' is ver.
  6. How high up do you think that AIRPLANE is?
    The Spanish word for airplane is avión.
  7. How far can I RUN down this street?
    The Spanish word for run with the pronoun I is corro.
  8. I have TO WALK down all of these stairs?
    The Spanish word for 'to walk' is caminar.
  9. How far do you think these TRAIN tracks go?
    The Spanish word for train is tren.
  10. How far away ARE those trees?
    The Spanish verb for 'are' when it deals with a location is 'están'.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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