If You Go Down To The Woods Today

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take you down to the woods today to see what Spanish words you can find. Do you like to go walking through the woods? The woods can be a magical place! There is so much that can be found there from different types of plants and trees, to streams, to animals of all kinds and even to humans who love to roam, and some even live there! So, whether you have ever been in the woods before or not, now is the time that you will get to go down and check it out!

While you are in the woods you will be seeing a few things along the way. How many of these things can you name in Spanish? Some of the quiz sentences will contain an all capitalized word while others will have a blank space within them that you will then need to find a word or words that can be placed within the blank to complete the sentence.

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Whichever item the sentence requires, you must locate the Spanish word that either means the same thing or can fill in the space. So come on now and let’s go down to the woods!

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  1. Do you like TO WALK through the woods?
    The Spanish verb for 'to walk' is caminar.
  2. The floor of the woods is covered in colorful fallen LEAVES!
    The Spanish word for leaves is hojas.
  3. A beautiful OCEAN of violet flowers!
    This was really an easy one as the Spanish word for ocean is océano. Of course, you must remember that little accent mark to make it correct.
  4. Can you SEE the owl in the tree?
    The Spanish verb when the pronoun is 'you' (in this case the singular formal 'you') for 'you see' is ve.
  5. Using an axe TO CUT piles of wood.
    The Spanish base verb for 'to cut' is cortar.
  6. A badger is ____.
    The first answer reads as green and yellow. The second answer reads as orange and blond. The third answer reads as black and white. Finally, the last answer reads as brown and gray. A badger is black and white.
  7. My DOG loves to run through the woods.
    The Spanish word for dog is perro.
  8. So how does it feel to hug a TREE?
    The Spanish word for tree is árbol.
  9. These BIRDS are known as woodpeckers.
    The Spanish word for birds is pájaros.
  10. Would running into this BEAR in the woods be safe?
    The Spanish word for bear is oso.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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