In Which Room Can You Find Me?

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test your knowledge of the rooms in a house. So, in which room can you find me? If you need a refresher on the rooms in a house, please check out the Spanish Easy Review academic quiz titled Vocabulary: Home Sweet Home!

Once you have reviewed the rooms in a house, and/or items that can be found in rooms in a house, it will be time to take the quiz. The quiz consists of ten sentences with each sentence containing an all capitalized word. As is the ongoing theme of these quizzes, your challenge will be to see how quickly you can locate the proper translation of the capitalized word. So if you are ready, then check out which room or which item can be found in a house.

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  1. These WINDOWS are surrounded by ivy.
    The Spanish word for windows is ventanas.
  2. My father’s favorite chair is in the LIVING ROOM.
    The Spanish word for living room is sala.
  3. We brush our teeth in the BATHROOM.
    The Spanish word for bathroom is baño.
  4. These tiger slippers can be found in the BEDROOM.
    The Spanish word for bedroom is recámara.
  5. A modern KITCHEN any woman would love to have!
    The Spanish word for kitchen is cocina.
  6. Does your CLOSET look anything like this?
    The Spanish word for closet is armario.
  7. Please use the knocker on the DOOR when you come.
    The Spanish word for door is puerta.
  8. Beautiful hardwood FLOORS are preferred these days.
    The Spanish word for floors is pisos.
  9. I just love having a PANTRY!
    The Spanish word for pantry is despensa.
  10. What an elegant FOYER!
    The Spanish word for foyer is vestíbulo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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