It's All Relative!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you remember some of the Spanish words for members of your family. After all, the most precious gift that anyone can have is the love and support of family! They know us at our best, at our worst, when we are happy, when we are sad, when we are silly, when we are serious, when we fail and when we succeed. We may get angry with each other every now and then but when things get rough – it is your family that is always there. Because family is so important, it’s rather nice that we can talk about our families in more than one language. Whether it is ‘my family’ or ‘mi familia’, the love we share is just as strong and, it’s all relative!

With the thought of family in mind, this quick little picture quiz will test you on knowing your family in Spanish.

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To do that, read each sentence and then look at the capitalized word. From the answers given, see if you can quickly locate the Spanish word that means the same thing as the capitalized word. How fast do you think you can take this quiz and get them all right? Well then, let’s go see.

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  1. My SISTER is my best friend!
    The Spanish word for sister is hermana.
  2. GRANDMOTHER always gets to sit at the head of the table.
    The Spanish word for grandmother is abuela.
  3. The sweet bonding of a father and SON!
    The Spanish word for son is hijo.
  4. I have learned so many lessons from my FATHER.
    The Spanish word for father is padre.
  5. I LOVE you daddy this much!
    The Spanish verb for 'I love' is amo.
  6. It’s reading time with my MOTHER.
    The Spanish word for mother is madre.
  7. A FAMILY that cooks together – stays together!
    This one should be pretty easy because the Spanish word for family is familia.
  8. We all live here on this beautiful EARTH!
    The Spanish word for Earth is Tierra.
  9. This IS my family!
    The Spanish verb for ‘is’ in this case comes from the verb ‘ser’ as a family is a permanent condition. As there is only one family mentioned, the verb will be in the singular form. In Spanish the sentence would read, Esta es mi familia. Notice that there is no accent mark on the word ‘esta’. ‘Esta’ without an accent mark means ‘this’. With an accent mark it means ‘you, he, she’ and ‘it is’.
  10. Which HAT do you prefer?
    The Spanish word for hat is sombrero.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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