It's in the Tool Shed

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will jog your memory on Spanish words related to tools found in the tool shed! Does your father, uncle or grandfather have a place where they keep all of their tools? It can be a very fascinating place, especially if you are into building things. Do you know what all of those tools are far? Some help keep the house together, others are used in the garden. There are even special tools for working on cars.

There are actually many, many, many different types of tools. However, among all of those tools, there are a few essential tools. In other words, there are tools that every household should really have on hand at all times. Some of the essential tools will be covered in the quiz sentences below. You will be able to tell what they are as they appear in all capitalized letters. Do you think you have the Spanish memory tool to determine what they are in Spanish? Let’s go find out!

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  1. You will need a SHOVEL to dig.
    The Spanish word for shovel is pala.
  2. The AXE needs to bed sharp to make a clean cut.
    The Spanish word for axe is hacha.
  3. A handy mop and BUCKET is needed to clean up any spills.
    The Spanish word for bucket is cubeta.
  4. Every dad needs a good power DRILL!
    The Spanish word for drill is taladro.
  5. Looks like these kids have taken the FLASHLIGHT.
    The Spanish word for flashlight is linterna.
  6. When it comes to construction, you always should were a hard HAT.
    The Spanish word for hat is sombrero.
  7. A short step LADDER comes in handy when you are painting.
    The Spanish word for ladder is escalera.
  8. Come the fall, it is time to pull out the RAKE.
    The Spanish word for rake is rastrillo.
  9. Make sure you use the right head on your SCREWDRIVER.
    The Spanish word for screwdriver is destornillador.
  10. Everyone needs a place TO PUT their tools.
    Here you are looking for the base form of a verb, i.e., 'to put'. The Spanish verb for 'to put' is meter.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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