I've Got Nothing to Wear!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take a look at items found in your closet. Or will you say, I’ve got nothing to wear! In fact, have you ever found yourself looking into your closet (filled with clothes) and you actually hear yourself saying, there is nothing to wear? It seems as though everyone does that a hundred times or more throughout their life (especially when you are a pre-teen or teenager). Life is so dramatic then after all.

Well you, in your life, can now take that comment a step further because now you can complain about not having enough (or any) clothes in Spanish! Of course, we all really do have plenty of clothes but sometimes, well, you just want something a little different.

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We are happy to say that you are in luck because in this quick picture review quiz you are going to check out what is in your closet using only your Spanish words to describe them. In other words, if you do not know what the Spanish word is for the item, then you can’t take it out to wear. Some of you might look pretty funny after this quiz!

Okay, let’s go see what you can wear. There are ten sentences below with each sentence containing an all capitalized word. See how quickly you can locate the matching Spanish word to the capitalized word. First, however, try doing it without looking at the answers. Do you think you can find an entire outfit to put on?

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  1. What fun, or silly, Christmas SWEATERS!
    The Spanish word for sweaters is suéteres.
  2. Is it really necessary to wear GLOVES when you play golf?
    The Spanish word for gloves is guantes.
  3. Red Riding Hood is all grown up but still wearing a red COAT!
    The Spanish word for coat is abrigo.
  4. Women can never have enough DRESSES to choose from.
    The Spanish word for dresses is vestidos.
  5. That is a mighty interesting HAT.
    The Spanish word for hat is sombrero.
  6. Her JACKET blends perfectly with the autumn leaves!
    The Spanish word for jacket is chaqueta.
  7. This definitely classifies as a MINISKIRT.
    The Spanish word for miniskirt is minifalda.
  8. A different PURSE for every day of the year!
    The Spanish word for purse is bolso.
  9. Two pairs of SHOES and four pairs of sandals.
    The Spanish word for shoes is zapatos.
  10. These SHIRTS would look great in Hawaii!
    The Spanish word for shirts is camisas.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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