Let's Eat!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will present you with things that you can eat. After all, we do live to eat. So, let’s eat!

The very best thing about food and eating quizzes is that they do not contain any calories! Nope – none at all! Still, they do allow you to enjoy some foods through imagination! Here in this Spanish Easy Review picture quiz your imagination can go to a whole new level because now you can imagine eating in both English and in Spanish! Either way, I’m sure the foods taste just as good!

How will the quiz work? Well, if you can take your eyes off of the delicious pictures, you will be trying to locate the Spanish translation of the all capitalized words found in each sentence. Are you ready to start consuming calories free? Then pick up a fork and dig in!

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  1. These little tarts look like little PIES.
    The Spanish word for pies is pasteles. (Note: pasteles is also sometimes used to say cakes.)
  2. Are these CANDIES on stilts?
    The Spanish word for candies is dulces.
  3. These herbs’ LEAVES are as fresh as can be!
    The Spanish word for leaves is hojas.
  4. These heat LAMPS keep the dishes nice and warm.
    The Spanish word for lamps is lámparas.
  5. Do you THINK these are desserts or appetizers?
    The Spanish verb when used with the pronoun ‘you’ (in this case the singular/formal you) for ‘you think’ is piensa.
  6. Use a good, sharp knife to cut POTATOES and vegetables.
    The Spanish word for potatoes is patatas. As you may recall, 'papa' is also Spanish for 'potato'. You will hear 'papa' used more in Latin America.
  7. Do you ever drink your left-over cereal MILK right out of the bowl?
    The Spanish word for milk is leche.
  8. These colorful cups contain all kinds OF spices.
    The Spanish word for of is de.
  9. They say that carrots are good for your EYES.
    The Spanish word for eyes is ojos.
  10. A perfectly set TABLE.
    The Spanish word for table is mesa.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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