Make It Shine!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take you through your Spanish vocabulary words that can clean and make it shine. Probably one thing that most people never want to do is that of chores – especially house chores. However, if the chores never got done we would find ourselves living in a very filthy, filled with bacteria, place. Those conditions can and will cause you to become ill. So the next time you are asked to do a chore, remember, doing them means you will remain fairly healthy and not doing them means that you or someone else in the family could become very ill.

Now that you are learning Spanish, you can make those healthy choices in Spanish and in English! That’s double the fun! Well – chores can be fun. If you have ever watched the movie Mary Poppins then you know this to be true.

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Now it is time to move on to the quiz section that contains ten sentences with each sentence having an all capitalized word. You will need to find the capitalized word’s Spanish counterpart. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to make things shine!

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  1. You have to wash those WINDOWS to get a clear view.
    The Spanish word for windows is ventanas.
  2. Unfortunately you have TO POLISH woodwork often to keep it clean.
    The Spanish base verb for 'to polish' is pulir.
  3. Do you know anyone who is constantly cleaning their CAR?
    The Spanish word for car is coche.
  4. Looks like I HAVE all the cleaning supplies I need!
    The Spanish verb for have when using the pronoun I is tengo.
  5. The DOG appears to be thinking: 'I’m going to get even with you!'
    The Spanish word for dog is perro.
  6. That sure is an awful lot of HAIR to wash!
    The Spanish word for hair is pelo.
  7. It is so nice to not have TO WASH dishes by hand anymore!
    The Spanish base verb for 'to wash' is lavar.
  8. Brushing her teeth in the BATHROOM.
    The Spanish word for bathroom is baño.
  9. Mopping seems to make mother very UNHAPPY.
    The Spanish word for unhappy is infeliz.
  10. Does it really take four WOMEN to clean a kitchen?
    The Spanish word for women is mujeres. (Note that muchachas refers more to teenage girls.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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