Math - Counting 0 to 10!

This Spanish Easy Review quiz will test your math skills - specifically counting from 0 to 10. When it comes to learning a language, any language, one of the first steps after learning the alphabet is to learn how to count. Think of young children. What are two of the things that are constantly repeated to them as they start to talk? A, B, C and One, Two, Three. That is because the alphabet and counting are so fundamental to learning a language. Those are the 'easy' steps to take first.

By now you should have become familiar with the Spanish alphabet and how to pronounce each letter.

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Now let’s start putting some of those letters together to make some words – number words. You might be surprised to discover that you are probably already very familiar with some of these numbers as they have become more frequently used even in English. So for this quiz, we will review the numbers zero through ten as follows:

Number English Spanish Pronounced As:
0 zero cero serō
1 one uno oo-nō
2 two dos dōse
3 three tres trěs
4 four cuatro quaw-trō
5 five cinco sink-ō
6 six seis sěs
7 seven siete see-et-ā
8 eight ocho ō-chō
9 nine nueve new-ěv-ā
10 ten diez dee-ěz

So, do some of these numbers seem familiar to you? Have you ever heard of the holiday Cinco de Mayo? That means the 5th of May. Uno, dos and tres might also be quite familiar as they are used in lots of different sayings. Now it’s your turn to review the numbers. Be sure to watch how they are pronounced in order to say them correctly. If you think you’re a whiz at counting, then it’s time to move on to the quiz questions. Let’s see if you can get them all right!

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  1. Cuatro is Spanish for the number ____.
    Cuatro is Spanish for the number 4.
  2. Nueve is Spanish for the number ____.
    Nueve is Spanish for the number 9.
  3. Cero is Spanish for the number ____.
    Cero is Spanish for the number 0.
  4. Diez is Spanish for the number ____.
    Diez is Spanish for the number 10.
  5. Tres is Spanish for the number ____.
    Tres is Spanish for the number 3.
  6. Eight in Spanish is ____.
    Eight in Spanish is ocho.
  7. One in Spanish is ____.
    One in Spanish is uno.
  8. Seven in Spanish is ____.
    Seven in Spanish is siete.
  9. Five in Spanish is ____.
    Five in Spanish is cinco.
  10. Six in Spanish is ____.
    Six in Spanish is seis.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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