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This Spanish Easy Review math quiz focuses on multiplication. If you have been following along with the Spanish Easy Review math quizzes you have seen how easy math transitions over to really any language. The main focus on the Spanish math quizzes is to help to train your brain into thinking in Spanish. Rather than to think, uno + tres = ___ - okay that is 1 + 3 which equals 4 and 4 in Spanish is cuarto, you want to be able to instantly go from uno + tres = cuatro. You don’t want to have to think back into English and then have to translate that back into Spanish. This will be frustrating in the beginning but doing math is a good way to get the brain to rewire itself to a new language.

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It already has English down pat. It now has to work to get Spanish down pat.

For this quiz you will be multiplying in Spanish by using the Spanish spelling of numbers. Let’s do a couple of examples.

dos x tres = seis (2 x 3 = 6)

trece x cinco = sesenta y cinco (13 x 5 = 65)

The more math problems you do in Spanish the quicker you will be able to say and find the answer. If you have already done the Spanish Easy Review math quizzes Addition in Spanish and Subtraction in Spanish then you should be able to get through this quiz rather quickly. If you have not already done those quizzes, why not go check them out. Practice does make perfect after all! Once you are ready, then start working out the solution to each of the following ten multiplication problems in Spanish.

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  1. veinte y uno x cuatro = ____
    veinte y uno x cuatro = ochenta y cuatro (21 x 4 = 84). (Did you notice that the first answer is spelled wrong?)
  2. nueve x nueve = ____
    nueve x nueve = ochenta y uno (9 x 9 = 81).
  3. siete x ocho = ____
    siete x ocho = cincuenta y seis (7 x 8 = 56).
  4. diez x diez = ____
    diez x diez = cien (10 x 10 = 100).
  5. treinta y nueve x cero = ____
    treinta y nueve x cero = cero (39 x 0 = 0).
  6. siete x cinco = ____
    siete x cinco = treinta y cinco (7 x 5 = 35).
  7. cuatro x cuatro = ____
    cuatro x cuatro = diez y seis (4 x 4 = 16).
  8. cuarenta y cuatro x dos = ____
    cuarenta y cuatro x dos = ochenta y ocho (44 x 2 = 88).
  9. diez x seis = ____
    diez x seis = sesenta (10 x 6 = 60).
  10. treinta y tres x tres = ____
    treinta y tres x tres = noventa y nueve (33 x 3 = 99).

Author: Christine G. Broome

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