Mind Your Manners!

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will see how well you can mind your manners in Spanish. In fact, probably one of the very first things you are taught as a child is to have good manners. You are asked to say please and thank you or I’m sorry. It is really very important to learn good manners early on in life. A person who has good manners will generally develop very good friendships, get better grades in school and, later on in life, find better jobs. This is true in any language which is why, early on in learning Spanish, you were taught how to mind your manners!

Now for moving forward with the quiz. As you will see, there are ten sentences. Each sentence contains a good manners word or words that are shown in all capitalized letters. With politeness, see how quickly you can locate the Spanish translation of that capitalized word or words. Here’s wishing you great success!

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  1. It’s nice to see a WELCOME mat!
    This greeting was used in your very first Spanish Easy Review quiz. The Spanish good manner word for WELCOME is bienvenido. The masculine form of the word is used when it is meant for people in general.
  2. A gentleman will always say AFTER YOU and then hold the door open!
    The Spanish good manner words for AFTER YOU are después de ti.
    The Spanish manner word for BLESS YOU is ¡salud! You generally see this between exclamation points as shown here. However, at times, it may stand alone.
  4. PARDON ME, but can you please put away your cellphone.
    The Spanish good manner word for PARDON ME is perdóname. As a side note, and one you have seen before here, perdóname’ would be used in an informal situation. If the situation is more formal, then you could say perdóneme. Notice that the 'a' became an 'e'. For now, however, we will focus on perdóname but be aware that you could see and/or hear it stated the formal way as well.
  5. Saying I'M SORRY with a little kiss.
    The Spanish manner words for I’M SORRY are lo siento.
  6. Madam, MAY I take you for a walk?
    The Spanish manner words for MAY I are ¿Se puede? It is generally seen between question marks as shown here.
  7. NO PROBLEM, dad!
    This one should be rather easy as the English and Spanish manner words are so similar. The Spanish manner words for NO PROBLEM are no problema.
  8. Oh, EXCUSE ME!
    The Spanish manner word for EXCUSE ME is ¡Disculpe!. It is generally written between two exclamation points as shown here.
  9. PLEASE, may I go mama?
    The Spanish manner word for PLEASE is por favor.
  10. It is always proper to send a THANK YOU note when someone gives you a gift.
    The Spanish manner word for THANK YOU is gracias.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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