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This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you remember some of the Spanish transportation words that will get you on the move. The trick here is to not think for too long. Go with your first instinct and it is usually the right one. So, since you are on a journey, let’s look at some modes of transportation you could take to get you to the end of the line!

There are ten quiz sentences that have been written in English. In each sentence you will see a mode of transportation word presented to you in all capitalized letters. See how quickly you can match up the capitalized letters word with its Spanish counterpart. Remember to obey the speeding laws. After all, we wouldn’t want you to get a speeding ticket.

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  1. You need a special license to drive this kind of a TRUCK.
    The Spanish word for truck is camión.
  2. Did you ever learn to ride a BICYCLE?
    The Spanish word for bicycle is bicicleta.
  3. Many children get to school by riding on a school BUS.
    The Spanish word for bus is autobús.
  4. A farmer wouldn’t get much work done without a TRACTOR.
    This one had to be especially easy because the Spanish word for tractor is tractor.
  5. The best way to travel through the mountain is on a MOTORCYCLE!
    The Spanish word for motorcycle is motocicleta.
  6. Would you like to one day own a BOAT?
    The Spanish word for boat is barco.
  7. All CARS are required to have side mirrors.
    The Spanish word for car is coche”.
  8. I think I would be a little frightened to ride in a HELICOPTER.
    Again, this one should be pretty easy. As you can tell, many English and Spanish words are either spelled exactly the same or they are very close. The Spanish word for helicopter is helicóptero.
  9. When you are sick or hurt badly, the fastest way to the hospital is in an AMBULANCE.
    Here, again, the English word and the Spanish word are very similar. The Spanish word for ambulance is ambulancia.
  10. It’s always exciting to be flying high in the sky on an AIRPLANE!
    The Spanish word for airplane is avión.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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