Party Time

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review events and/or things that involve parties and fun celebrations. After all, everyone loves to have a party – or at least attend a party! There are all kinds of parties to attend such as birthday parties, weddings, Halloween, New Year’s, graduations and just when you want some time to get together with family and friends!

Some parties you can dress up for and others you dress down for (like a pool party). Even though at this stage of learning Spanish you have not amassed all the vocabulary words that could be used to describe a party, you do have a strong enough list to be able to talk about many things that can be found at a party or relating to a party.

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So find your party hat and let’s have our own little picture quiz party! In each quiz sentence a word has been shown in all capitalized letters. See how quickly you can locate the correct Spanish word that will match or have the same meaning as the capitalized word.

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  1. These balloons come IN many colors!
    The Spanish word for in is en.
  2. What would a birthday party be without birthday HATS?
    The Spanish word for hats is sombreros.
  3. Have you ever eaten FRUIT on a kabob?
    The Spanish word for fruit is fruta.
  4. Celebrating on NEW YEAR'S EVE!
    The Spanish word for New Year’s Eve is Nochevieja.
  5. This is my grandmother’s CHAIR.
    The Spanish word for chair is silla.
  6. HOW MANY gift boxes do you see?
    The Spanish word for 'how many' is cuántos.
  7. My SHOES match my purse.
    The Spanish word for shoes is zapatos.
  8. WHAT things can you see in this picture?
    The Spanish word for what is qué.
  9. He looks so HAPPY to be in a nice pool.
    The Spanish word for happy is feliz.
  10. What do you CALL the pink thing in this picture? [singular formal]
    The Spanish verb for call when, in this instance, the pronoun of ‘you’ is in the singular formal form, is llama.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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