Pretty Petals

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take you on a marvelous journey through flower beds and a variety of pretty petals. To begin, let’s look at the following poem written by Pauline S. Walker.

Grandma’s Flowers

  • Each time I go to Grandma’s place to spend some summer hours,
  • She lets me pick a big bouquet of pretty garden flowers.
  • I’ve learned the names of almost all the flowers Grandma grows -
  • Carnation, iris, pansy, phlox, petunia and rose.
  • The sweet pea is my favorite it has a lovely smell.
  • The flower Grandma likes the best is Canterbury bell.
  • I think my Grandma is wonderful and hope that when I’m grown,
  • I’ll have a green thumb just like hers and flowers of my own.
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Flowers are so beautiful and they are used for so many things such as to say ‘I love you,’ ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘Congratulations,’ ‘Just because,’ ‘I hope you feel better,’ and the list goes on and on. What’s really exciting is that they mean the same thing no matter what language they are spoken in! With that in mind, this quiz is meant to bring you a smile or two and, perhaps, memories of days when you were presented with some wonderful flowers.

Now take a deep breath and breathe in the fragrance of these spectacular pictures and while you are doing that, see if you can locate the correct Spanish translation for the capitalized words shown in each of the ten quiz sentences.

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  1. This Monarch butterfly is enjoying the PURPLE flowers!
    The Spanish word for purple is violeta.
  2. Can you locate nine FLOWER pots?
    The Spanish word for flower is flor.
  3. This interesting lady is holding A red rose.
    In this sentence you are looking for the indefinite article ‘a’. The first answer means he and it is a pronoun so it is not correct. The third and last answers are the masculine and feminine forms for the definite article ‘the’. The second answer is the indefinite article for ‘a’. It is showing the feminine form as rose in Spanish is rosa.
  4. These huge sunflowers are bright and YELLOW!
    The Spanish word for yellow is amarillo.
  5. This little boy loves to smell the flowers with his NOSE.
    The Spanish word for nose is nariz.
  6. The dragonfly IS enjoying this flower’s velvety petal.
    The first thing to determine here is what pronoun can replace the dragonfly. It would be the direct object pronoun ‘it’ (lo). The first answer is the pronoun for ‘you’ (singular familiar) so it is not correct. The second answer is for the pronoun ‘they’. The third answer is for the pronoun ‘we’. Finally, the last answer is for the direct object pronoun ‘it’.
  7. Today this beautiful girl became someone’s WIFE!
    The Spanish word for wife is esposa.
  8. What joy it is to stand IN a field of flowers!
    The Spanish word for ‘in’ is ‘en’.
  9. These two pots HAVE many flowers.
    First determine which pronoun would be able to replace two pots. It would be ‘they’. The first answer means ‘they speak’ so it is not what you are looking for. The second answer means ‘they make’. Again, it is not what you are looking for. The last answer means ‘they tell’ and once again it is not the correct translation. The third answer means ‘they have’ and it is the correct translation.
  10. This vase contains a RAINBOW of flowers.
    The Spanish word for rainbow is arco iris. (As a side-note here, depending upon the region where Spanish is spoken, the Spanish word for rainbow is written as one word, i.e., arcoíris, Notice that there is an accent mark above the first 'i'. In other areas, the word is written as arcoiris, without an accent mark. For this course, you will only be required to remember that rainbow is arco iris but we wanted you to be aware that you could see it written in either of these three formats.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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