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This Spanish Easy Review quiz is one of a few quizzes that has been created to help you learn Spanish science vocabulary words. Oftentimes we forget that when we are learning a new language it also means having to learn all different kinds of subjects in that new language as well. Although this quiz will not test you on your science knowledge, it will test you on how well you know some of the science words in Spanish. It might seem a little challenging but if you take it slow, or use it along with your regular science class, it can be much easier than you first believed. In fact, learning the English and Spanish together actually makes learning the new Spanish words easier than if you were to learn them years apart from each other.

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So take a deep breath and let’s move forwards to learning some vocabulary words. This quiz is focusing on ocean life!

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
aquarium (el) acuario ă-kwă-rē-ō
crab (el) cangrejo cărn-grāy-hō (Notice the 'j' sounds like an 'h'.)
dolphin (el) delfín dăl-fēn
eel (la) anguila ăn-gē-lă (Here you can hear the 'g' sound.)
fish (el) pez pāz
jellyfish (la) medusa māy-due-să
lobster (la) langosta lăn-gō-stă
ocean (el) océano ō-sāy-ă-nō
octopus (el) pulpo pull-pō
sea gull (la) gaviota gă-vē-ō-tă (Here you can hear the 'g' sound.)
seaweed (el) alga ăl-gă
shark (el) tiburón tē-bur-ŏn
stingray (la) raya ră-yă
turtle (la) tortuga tŏr-tū-gă
whale (la) ballena bă-yāh-nă

Practice saying each word, as well as its spelling. Many of the words are not similar to their English counterparts so it will take some practice. Try to locate some pictures of each of the ocean items listed here and, as you look at the pictures, say them over and over again in both English and in Spanish. This is a practice conditioning method to help your brain easily and quickly learn and associate each word to each object. When you feel like you are ready to move forward, start the quiz section. There will be a series of ten sentences with an ocean word that is capitalized. From the answers provided, see if you can locate the Spanish word that will match.

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  1. Have you ever seen an electric EEL?
    The Spanish word for eel is anguila.
  2. The old time TV show called Flipper was about a DOLPHIN.
    The Spanish word for dolphin is delfín.
  3. Jaws is a movie about a killer, white SHARK.
    The Spanish word for shark is tiburón.
  4. Have you ever eaten CRAB?
    The Spanish word for crab is cangrejo.
  5. We went to the salt water AQUARIUM in Atlanta.
    The Spanish word for aquarium is acuario.
  6. Ned was proud to show off the FISH that he caught.
    The Spanish word for fish is pez.
  7. The senior class went on a WHALE watching cruise.
    The Spanish word for whale is ballena.
  8. There was SEAWEED all over the beach.
    The Spanish word for seaweed is alga.
  9. They had a petting STINGRAY exhibit at the aquarium.
    The Spanish word for stingray is raya.
  10. There were SEA GULLS all over the boardwalk.
    The Spanish word for sea gulls is gaviotas. Notice that it is plural so an 's' needed to be added.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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