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This Spanish Easy Review quiz will see how many words you can correctly spell in Spanish. At this point your new Spanish vocabulary list now includes literally hundreds of words. You have had to learn the importance of accent marks in those vocabulary words as well. In addition, you have been directed time and time again to spend time to really look at each word and how it is spelled. It might be okay to not know how to spell a word if you are only speaking it but in Spanish, you will also get to a point where you need to read and write in Spanish. To help you to get to that point, there will be a series of quizzes that will test your Spanish spelling abilities.

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You’ll start off with some really simple words that will get you to 1st base. Another quiz will include words that are a little more difficult and they will get you to 2nd base. A third quiz will give you words to help you get to 3rd base and, finally, there will be the Baseball - Homerun! quiz. So, hopefully you have been doing your tasks on learning how to spell.

Below there will be ten words given in English and then four answers in Spanish. Only one of the answers will be the Spanish match to the English word. See how many correct answers you can find. You will have to pay close attention to how words are spelled.

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  1. boy
    The second and last answers are both misspelled words. The word nino must have a tilde above the 'n' as shown in the first answer. However, niño means child (male) and not boy. The Spanish word for boy is chico.
  2. eye
    The second answer, oro, means gold so it is not the correct Spanish word and the last answer is a misspelling of oro so it, too, is not correct. The Spanish word for eye is ojo. It does not have an accent mark which means that the third answer is not correct.
  3. cake
    The Spanish word for cake is tarta. The first, second and third answers are each misspelled.
  4. table
    The Spanish word for table is mesa. The first, second and last answers are each misspelled and mesa does not contain an accent mark.
  5. suit
    The Spanish word for suit is traje. The first, third and last answers are each incorrect. In addition, there is no accent mark in the Spanish word for suit.
  6. bread
    The Spanish word for bread is pan. Neither the second, third or last answers are the correct Spanish word for bread.
  7. pig
    The Spanish word for pig is cerdo. It is a masculine word. Neither the first, second or third answers are the correct Spanish word for pig and the first and second answers are not the correct gender.
  8. daddy
    The Spanish word for daddy is papá. The second answer is the word for potato and the first and last answers show the incorrect usage of the accent mark.
  9. south
    The Spanish word for south is sur. The first, third and last answers are all misspelled words or made up words.
  10. floor
    The Spanish word for floor is piso. It is a masculine word and it does not have an accent mark making the second, third and last answers each incorrect.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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