Spelling - Spelling Baseball - 2nd Base

This is the second Spanish Easy Review quiz in a series of four that has been designed to test your Spanish spelling capabilities.

Spelling correctly in any language is extremely important and when that language includes accent marks, you reach a new level of importance as that little mark makes a huge difference in a word and its meaning. It is also important to realize and be aware of the gender of a word as Spanish words can either be masculine or feminine. In the Spanish Easy Review spelling quiz titled Spelling Baseball - 1st Base, there was a series of ten simple words that needed to be spelled correctly in Spanish.

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In this quiz, Spelling Baseball - 2nd Base, there is a series of ten more complex words that will need to be spelled in Spanish. Look at each word carefully before choosing an answer. Some of them may seem very close and, unless you really know how to spell it, you could get tripped up. If you do have any difficulty with any of the words, check back to the Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quizzes that will help you to remember not only their correct spelling but how they are phonetically pronounced. Now, let’s begin the Spelling Baseball - 2nd Base quiz!

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  1. skirt
    The Spanish word for skirt is falda. It does not have any accent marks making the first and third answers are incorrect. The last answer is not even a word.
  2. stove
    The Spanish word for stove is estufa. There are no accent marks in the word which means that the first, second and last answers are all wrong as they each contain an accent mark.
  3. sister
    As the word is sister you know the Spanish word needs to show a feminine word. This means that the first and second answers can be eliminated. The Spanish word for sister is hermana and it does not have an accent mark.
  4. kitchen
    Here you have four different answers so not only do you need to know the spelling of the word but what the Spanish word is. The Spanish word for kitchen is cocina.
  5. back
    The Spanish word for back is espalda. It does not have an accent mark making the first answer incorrect. The second and third answers are incorrect words.
  6. deer
    The Spanish word for deer is venado. It is a masculine word which eliminates the third and last answers and the second answer is misspelled.
  7. head
    The Spanish word for head is cabeza. It does not contain an accent mark making the last answer incorrect. In addition, the first, third and last answers are each incorrect spellings.
  8. teacher (male)
    As the teacher is a male, the word must be masculine. This then eliminates the second and last answers which show feminine forms. The Spanish word for teacher is profesor. It contains only one 's'.
  9. near
    Here you have four different answers so not only do you need to know the spelling of the word but what the Spanish word is. The Spanish word for near is cerca.
  10. lamb
    The Spanish word for lamb is cordero. It is a masculine word which means that the second and third answers can be eliminated as they show a feminine form. The first answer is simply misspelled.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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