Sunshine and Showers

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will help you review Spanish words that involve the weather forecast. As you learn a new language, whether that language is Spanish or French or Italian or whatever, one of the best ways to help you to learn that language is through pictures. It is a huge part of training the brain to associate words with an object or an action that is occurring. With that in mind, these picture quizzes are designed, as stated above, to help you quickly associate words with things, second is to cheer you on with learning a new language (you probably will find that you have learned so much more than you ever gave yourself credit for) and third, and perhaps the most important part of all, is to let you have some fun while learning! After all, learning is a lot easier when you are having fun!

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Hopefully you have already taken some of the picture quizzes. If that is the case, then you know what to do. The quiz will contain ten pictures and a sentence that goes with a picture. Each sentence in this quiz has a blank space. From the answers given below it, find the correct Spanish word that should fit into the sentence. That word needs to somehow match up to the picture. The word could be a noun, a pronoun, an adjective or a verb so take a little time to make certain you read the sentence to know what kind of a word will be needed to fit into the blank. Now, if you are ready, then begin the quiz!

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  1. Four sets of ____ all lined up!
    This picture is showing four sets of boots that are all lined up. The Spanish word for boots is botas.
  2. It is raining on a ____ leaf.
    This picture is showing a beautiful green leaf that has raindrops on it. So it is raining on a green leaf. The Spanish word for green is verde.
  3. I love to fly in the sky and look down upon the ____.
    Let’s see, if you are up in the sky (like in an airplane) and you are looking down in this picture – what are you seeing? That’s right – lots and lots of clouds. The Spanish word for clouds is nubes.
  4. Kids just love to play in the ____ when it gets hot outside.
    What will help you cool off when it is really hot? Like kids, many people love to play in the water when it gets hot outside. The Spanish word for water is agua.
  5. Sailing on a rough and stormy ____.
    Okay, where would you find a huge ship? This one is sailing on a rough and stormy ocean. The Spanish word for ocean is océano. Pretty simple!
  6. The quiet calm before the ____.
    This often happens just before the weather changes. It gets really calm just before a storm. The Spanish word for storm is tormenta.
  7. Can you remember how much fun ____ can be?
    This picture shows children having fun with snow. It was always fun having snowball fights! The Spanish word for snow is nieve.
  8. The winds are blowing to the ____.
    For this one you will have to look at the weathervane and see which way the arrow is pointing. It shows that the wings are blowing to the southwest. The Spanish word for southwest is suroeste.
  9. Here she ____ and watches the rain.
    For this picture you are looking for what activity the girl is doing. We are told that she watches the rain but what else is she doing? She sits and watches the rain!. The Spanish verb for sits is sienta (an irregular verb).
  10. It is ____ and we are ready to have some fun!
    This one might be a little tricky but it is clear that this group of people are ready to have some fun. Notice the sunglasses? Why would they wear them? Because it is sunny. The Spanish word for sunny is soleado.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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