There's No Place Like Home

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will take a look at the comforts of home. After all, there is no place like home! You have probably heard that saying before. Does this help to jog your memory? "Oh, Aunty Em – there’s no place like home!"

Those famous lines can be heard in the movie titled The Wizard of Oz. They are not only memorable words but very true words as well. Although it is fun to go away on vacation, just about everyone feels great happiness to finally get back home. Home brings us peace and comfort, familiarity and routine. So for this quick picture quiz, you’re about to delve into things that remind us of home and the comforts and smells and things there that bring us joy, comfort and security!

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Therefore, with that understanding, for each word shown in all capitalized letters, see if you can locate its matching Spanish home word that reminds you that there is no place like home!

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  1. I love to relax on my BED and read a good book!
    The Spanish word for bed is cama.
  2. Do you look at yourself in the MIRROR while brushing your teeth?
    The Spanish word for mirror is espejo.
  3. It’s always nice when the family can gather around the TABLE!
    The Spanish word for table is mesa.
  4. Mother always loves a bouquet of fresh FLOWERS to keep the house smelling nice!
    The Spanish word for flowers is flores.
  5. Having FRIENDS over to play games and just spend time with us is always a pleasure!
    The Spanish word for friends is amigos. (Note that because there is a mixture of males and females, the masculine form of the word is used.)
  6. Preparing healthy foods in the KITCHEN.
    The Spanish word for kitchen is cocina.
  7. Sitting on the FLOOR getting ready for a move.
    The Spanish word for floor is piso.
  8. My SISTER and I love to play together!
    The Spanish word for sister is hermana.
  9. Looks like this HOUSE is for sale.
    The Spanish word for house is casa.
  10. Dorothy’s RED shoes that took her back home!
    The Spanish word for red is rojos. (Note that since shoes is plural, the adjective red must also be plural.)

Author: Christine G. Broome

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