Time for a Snack

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will cover those times when you are getting the munchies. In other words, it is time for a snack! Everyone loves to snack! Snacks can be a lot of fun, especially those midnight snacks! Did you know that it is better to have 5 to 6 meals a day rather than the customary 3 meals? That’s right. With 3 meals people tend to overeat because they stuff themselves with the thought that it will be many hours before they eat again. This causes the body to gain weight.

Nutritionists tell us that we should eat 5 to 6 times a day or roughly every 3 hours. Those portions should be smaller in size. The more frequent eating times will help you to avoid becoming overly hungry. Unfortunately, people often overeat when they feel hungry. By eating numerous little meals throughout the day it will help to keep your metabolism burning at a higher level. This, in turn, can help a person to lose weight.

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Let’s look at eating 5 to 6 meals a day. Those 5 to 6 meals should include a well-balanced breakfast (between 6AM and 8AM), a snack (between 9AM and 11AM), a simple lunch (between 12 noon and 2PM), a snack (between 3PM and 5PM), a well-balanced dinner (between 6PM and 8PM). The very last snack should be consumed no later than 10PM. Wow, as you can see, there are a lot of times to snack! Of course, you do have to keep a watch on the portion sizes of your snacks. A gallon of ice-cream would not be a snack but a 1/2 cup would be!

Since snacks are really important to developing a healthy eating lifestyle, this quick quiz will be all about snacks, well, snacks in Spanish! So take a look at each of the ten pictures and the sentences that go with them. See just how quickly you can fill in the blanks with the correct snack that is shown in the picture!

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  1. That looks like some scrumptious ____.
    This picture shows us scrumptious pudding. Spanish word for pudding is pudín.
  2. What would life be without bread and ____.
    This picture shows a nice fresh piece of bread smothered in butter. The Spanish word for butter is mantequilla.
  3. Peanut-butter on ____?
    Have you ever had this? Peanut-butter and celery! The Spanish word for celery is apio.
  4. Anyone want any ____?
    Now this one had to be really easy because chips is the same in both English and in Spanish!
  5. What a way to decorate Christmas ____.
    This picture shows us some nice Christmas cookies that make a great holiday snack! The Spanish word for cookies is galletas.
  6. I just love ____, eggs and bacon!
    Some people may question whether this is a balanced breakfast or a morning snack but who doesn’t love pancakes. The Spanish word for pancakes is panqueques.
  7. A bowl full of ____ and pears.
    This picture shows a bowl full of pears and oranges. The Spanish word for oranges is naranjas.
  8. A ____ on a stick!
    This picture shows you a popsicle on a stick. The Spanish word for popsicle is paleta.
  9. Cornbread and barbeque ____ make a great dinner!
    This picture shows a nice rack of barbeque ribs. The Spanish word for ribs is costillas.
  10. A bowl of ____ with a shrimp on top!
    Here you have a bowl of rice (that has mixed vegetables in it) along with a shrimp on the top! The Spanish word for rice is arroz.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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