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This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will focus on things in and around school where you can be at the top of the class. Have you ever been at the top of your class or would you like to be at the top of the class? Being at the top usually means that you had to put in a lot of hard work and effort to get there. That could happen in your basic course studies or it could happen in a gym or on a sports team. It could even happen if you didn’t miss a single day of school!

There are lots of ways to be at the top of the class. There is only one sure way to get there, however, and that is that you have to go to school. Do you believe that you are the top of your class in any of the areas mentioned in the quiz? Of course, before you can answer that question you need to take the quiz. So let’s jump right in!

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Remember that you must find the Spanish translation to each word or group of words that have been capitalized. Ready? Race you to the top!

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  1. BOYS AND GIRLS love to listen to their teacher read to them!
    The Spanish words for boys and girls are chicos y chicas.
  2. These have got to be some of the strangest thinking HATS that I have ever seen.
    The Spanish word for hats is sombreros.
  3. I am having so much fun as I HOP over to the finish line to win first place!
    The Spanish verb for I hop is salto. This also means that I jump and I skip.
  4. Each of the top students has their own DESK in Mrs. Mason’s class.
    The Spanish word for desk is escritorio.
  5. I BELIEVE I can beat you on the hula hoop!
    The Spanish verb for I believe is creo.
  6. The APPLE makes this a well-balanced lunch.
    The Spanish word for apple is manzana.
  7. I definitely won the prize at school for having the funkiest SOCKS.
    The Spanish word for socks is calcetines.
  8. You want me TO READ all these books tonight?
    The Spanish verb for to read is leer.
  9. Studying all the OCEANS of the world.
    You will need to know how to spell the Spanish word to locate the correct answer here. The Spanish word for oceans is océanos. The accent mark is over the 'e' and there is no tilde in the word.
  10. Waiting patiently to cross the STREET.
    The Spanish word for street is calle.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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