Twitches and Tweeters

This Spanish Easy Review picture quiz will test you on recognizing things that go fast, like birds and emotions. Okay, so what are twitches and tweeters? As was stated in the first sentence, think birds and think about emotions. Yup, both do twitch and tweet! That’s a hint for the pictures in this picture quiz! Remember, part of the challenge of picture quizzes is to move quickly. Twitches are very quick movements. How quickly do you think you can twitch through this quiz?

The concept of this quiz is very simple. There will be a series of ten sentences. Each sentence has a missing word. The sentence and the missing word each relate to the picture. That word can either be a noun, a pronoun, a verb, an adjective or even an article (direct or indirect).

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Because it can be almost anything, you will have to pay close attention to the sentence and the picture together. When you think you have located the correct Spanish word that should fit into the sentence, choose it quickly and then twitch on to the next question. If you would like to tweet along the way – well that will be your personal preference! Good luck!

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  1. This flock of ____ are heading south for the winter.
    It might be a little hard to be able to tell what kind of birds are flying here but if you look closely you will see that they are geese. Geese fly south for the winter. The Spanish word for geese is gansos. The second answer is the correct missing Spanish word.
  2. Look mom! ____ am flying!
    For this sentence you are looking to put in a missing pronoun. The first answer means you (singular familiar) which doesn’t seem right. The second answer means she and, again, it doesn’t seem right. The last answer means we (in the feminine form). Definitely not correct. The third answer means 'I'. That’s it! Look mom! I am flying!
  3. These little ones know all about how to ____.
    Did you know that most birds mate for life? Well, they do! That is because they really know all about how 'to love'. The Spanish verb for 'to love' is amar.
  4. The ____ is smaller than the flower.
    This picture is showing you an amazing, tiny little bird that can fly backwards! That bird is a hummingbird. The Spanish word for hummingbird is colibrí.
  5. Can you see ____ beautiful parrots?
    How many parrots can you see? There are two beautiful parrots. The Spanish word for two is dos.
  6. These hungry, baby birds are looking to ____ mother’s treats.
    These little baby birds look hungry so they naturally want 'to eat' whatever treats their mother brings them. The Spanish verb to 'to eat' is comer.
  7. The sun shines through the ____.
    If you look closely you can see that the sun is shining down through the tree. The Spanish word for tree is árbol.
  8. What fun it is to have birds land on your ____ for a bite to eat!
    Where are the birds located in this picture? They are sitting on an arm. The Spanish word for arm is brazo.
  9. This beautiful bird just loves to ____!
    Okay, this one would definitely be considered a tweeter or, from the answers, a singer. So this beautiful bird just loves 'to sing'. The Spanish verb to 'to sing' is cantar.
  10. Birds can balance easily on any ____.
    Birds do this so easily and gently as they land. They can balance on any stem no matter how small! The Spanish word for stem is tallo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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