Vocabulary - A Bowl Full of Fruits!

This Spanish Easy Review quiz will test your vocabulary on fruits. You have already learned how to say several different kinds of foods in Spanish, including some yummy treats, but now it’s time to learn some healthy foods. This quiz will, therefore, introduce you to a bowl full of fruits in Spanish!

The next time you take a trip to the grocery store, see if you can name any of the fruits there. It will be great practice for training your brain to recognize fruits not only in English but most especially in Spanish.

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As with all new vocabulary words you will need to take some time to study the words, say them out loud so that you can hear them and then pay attention to how they are spelled, what their gender is and whether the word has any accent marks or tildes.

So now let’s look at your fruit vocabulary list.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
apple (la) manzana măn-ză-nă
banana (el) banano bă-nă-nō
blueberry (el) arándano ă-răn-dă-nō
cantaloupe (el) melón mā-lŏn
cherry (la) cereza sěr-ā-ză
coconut (el) coco kō-kō
grape (la) uva oo-vă
grapefruit (la) toronja tŏr-ŏn-hă (Notice the 'j' has an 'h' sound.)
lime (la) lima lē-mă
lemon (el) limón lē-mŏn
orange (la) naranja nă-rărn-hă (same as the color)
peach (el) durazno dŭ-răz-nō
pear (la) pera pě-ră
pomegranate (la) granada gră-nă-dă
raspberry (la) frambuesa frăm-bū-ā-să
strawberry (la) fresa fray-să
watermelon (la) sandía săn-dē-ă

When you have it down pretty well, move on to the quiz and see how many fruits you can find that match the English word and try doing so without looking back at the introduction!

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  1. Peter would love a PEACH!
    The Spanish fruit word for peach is durazno.
  2. The waitress put a CHERRY on top!
    The Spanish fruit word for cherry is cereza.
  3. Nancy wanted some LEMON juice.
    The Spanish fruit word for lemon is limón.
  4. His favorite donut is the RASPBERRY cream.
    The Spanish fruit word for raspberry is frambuesa.
  5. The police officer ordered a piece of BLUEBERRY pie!
    The Spanish fruit word for blueberry is arándano.
  6. I heard that eating an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away.
    The Spanish fruit word for apple is manzana.
  7. Betty picked a bunch of GRAPES.
    The Spanish fruit word for grapes is uvas.
  8. Daddy planted a STRAWBERRY bush in the garden.
    The Spanish fruit word for strawberry is fresa.
  9. Gavin picked the biggest WATERMELON for the pool party.
    The Spanish fruit word for watermelon is sandía.
  10. Each child had a GRAPEFRUIT at breakfast.
    The Spanish fruit word for grapefruit is toronja.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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