Vocabulary - A Rainbow of Colors

This Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quiz will help you to practice learning your Spanish colors. The one downside about learning Spanish colors is that they do not generally closely relate to their English counterpart words. For example, the color orange in English is naranja in Spanish. That simply means that you’ll have to practice saying, learning to spell and hearing the Spanish color words. In time, and with practice, the Spanish color words will become very familiar to you. A goal towards learning to speak Spanish is to learn to think in Spanish so that when you hear the word naranja you see the color orange right away!

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Okay, so if you are ready, here is a list of the more common color words.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As:
red rojo (a) rō-hō / rō-hă
orange naranja nă-rărn-hă
yellow amarillo (a) ă-mă-rē-yō / ă-mă-rē-yă
green verde věr-dāy
blue azul ă-zūle
violet violeta vē-ō-lět-ă
pink rosado (a) rō-zăr-dō / rō-zăr-dă
white blanco (a) blărn-cō / blărn-că
black negro (a) nā-grō / nā-gră
grey gris grĭs
brown café and/or marrón căr-fāy and/or mă-rroon (the double rr is rolled together with the tongue)
gold oro oar-rō
silver plata plă-tă

Colors are adjective words as they describe an object or thing. Because of this, some color words must conform with the object or thing it is describing. In other words, if the object or thing is feminine then the adjective will need to be feminine. If the object or thing is masculine, then, again, the adjective must be masculine. Some colors, however, are neutral and can be used with either feminine or masculine objects and things and be spelled the same way for each. Learning this is pretty much done all by memory, although if a color ends in the letter 'o' that is a pretty good sign that the 'o' can be changed to an 'a' to reflect the feminine version.

Once you have practiced saying each of the colors above, it will be time to move onto the quiz questions. For each quiz question, see if you can find the correct color needed for that question.

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  1. Karen brought her teacher a RED apple.
    The Spanish word for the color red is rojo. Since the word apple is feminine in Spanish, rojo changes to roja.
  2. I love how GREEN the grass is in the spring!
    The Spanish word for the color green is verde.
  3. It seems that the new neutral color these days is GREY.
    The Spanish word for the color grey is gris.
  4. The instructions say that we must use a BLUE pen.
    The Spanish word for the color blue is azul.
  5. In the story The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy had to follow the YELLOW brick road.
    The Spanish word for the color yellow is amarillo.
  6. Mark bought Patty a dozen long-stemmed, PINK roses.
    The Spanish word for the color pink is rosado.
  7. He wore shiny, BLACK shoes with his tuxedo.
    The Spanish word for the color black is negro.
  8. She needed a BROWN crayon to color the tree trunks.
    The Spanish word for the color brown is café.
  9. The little boy spilled juice all over the WHITE tablecloth.
    The Spanish word for the color white is blanco.
  10. Andrea wanted to paint her bedroom walls VIOLET.
    The Spanish word for the color violet is violeta.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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