Vocabulary - Adding to the Color Palette

This Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quiz will cover a wider range of colors to add to your Spanish color palette vocabulary. If you have not already done so, you might want to check out the Spanish Easy Review quiz titled A Rainbow of Colors as it contains a listing of the more common colors. However, the world is filled with a plethora of many colors beyond the basic common ones so let’s stretch beyond the common with the following list.

Some of these will take a bit of practice saying over and over again before they feel natural to you. Remember that whenever a vowel has an accent mark, that vowel gets a stronger sound to it.

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When you have said each word several times, and learned how to spell each word, move onto the quiz section.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As:
amber ámbar ărm-băr
auburn caoba că-ō-bă
blond rubio rū-bē-ō
brunette morena mō-rā-nă
fuchsia fucsia foo-sē-ă
lavender lavanda lă-văn-dă
maroon granate gră-nă-tā
mauve malva măl-vă
midnight blue negro azulado nā-grō ă-zū-lă-dō
peach melocotón mā-lō-cō-tōn
periwinkle bígaro bē-gă-rō
turquoise turquesa tore-kāy-să

Below are ten sentences with a color word capitalized. See if you can find the Spanish or English counterpart to the capitalized color.

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  1. My mother used to have AUBURN hair.
    The Spanish word for the color auburn is caoba.
  2. Martha wanted to wear a PEACH dress to the prom.
    The Spanish word for the color peach is melocotón.
  3. Granny bought some PERIWINKLE towels for her bathroom.
    The Spanish word for the color periwinkle is bígaro.
  4. Her favorite dishes were the GRANATE ones.
    The Spanish word granate means maroon.
  5. The show horse had a RUBIO mane.
    The Spanish word rubio means blond.
  6. The new rug had a hint of MAUVE in it.
    The Spanish word for the color mauve is malva.
  7. Do girls with BRUNETTE hair get more dates?
    The Spanish word for the color brunette is morena.
  8. She absolutely loved the LAVANDA roses!
    The Spanish word lavanda means lavender.
  9. Their new school uniforms were NEGRO AZULADO.
    The Spanish word negro azulado means midnight blue.
  10. The water was crystal clear and looked like TURQUOISE.
    The Spanish word for the color turquoise is turquesa.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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