Vocabulary - Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

This Spanish Easy Review quiz will test your vocabulary on birds. Do you like to bird watch? If you ever take the time to really study these little creatures you will find that they are quite amazingly entertaining! Some people have made bird watching a lifelong hobby. Whether you are into that or not, it is still fun to learn what each different type of bird is. In fact, did you know that there are close to 21,000 different species of birds in the world? No one knows the exact number because almost every year a new type of bird is found.

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Most people only know about 60 different types but, alas, if you are a bird watcher, you know that is sadly a small number.

You won’t have to learn 21,000 bird names here. That’s a relief! But it will be fun to learn the names of at least some of these wonderful creatures. So let’s see which ones are in your first birds vocabulary list (yes, there will be others learned later)!

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
bird (el) pájaro pă-hă-rō (Notice the 'j' has an 'h' sound.)
blackbird (el) mirlo mēr-lō
bluebird (el) azulejo ă-zoo-lāy-hō (Notice the 'j' has an 'h' sound.)
canary (el) canario că-nă-rē-ō
chick (el) pollito pō-yē-tō (Remember that chicken is pollo.)
crow (el) cuervo kwear-vō
dove (la) paloma pă-lō-mă
duck (el) pato pă-tō
duckling (el) patito pă-tē-tō
eagle (el) águila ă-gūe-lă
flamingo (el) flamenco flă-māne-kō
goose (el) ganso găn-sō (Here you hear the 'g' sound.)
hen (la) gallina gă-yē-nă (Here you hear the 'g' sound.)
hummingbird (el) colibrí kō-lē-brē
rooster (el) gallo gă-yō (Here you hear the 'g' sound.)

That’s a list of 14 different birds (the word for bird doesn’t count) leaving you with only another 20,986 left to learn throughout your life - if you’re really adventurous to learn that many! For now, let’s just focus on this list by taking the quiz section. There are ten sentences with a different bird mentioned in each sentence. From the answers given, see if you can determine which Spanish word matches the capitalized bird.

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  1. The EAGLE is America’s bird!
    The Spanish word for eagle is águila.
  2. Martha always wanted to own a CANARY.
    The Spanish word for canary is canario.
  3. Shirley Temple went on an adventure to find the BLUEBIRD.
    The Spanish word for bluebird is azulejo.
  4. Do you ever go BIRD watching?
    The Spanish word for bird is pájaro.
  5. They found Penny sitting in the HEN house.
    The Spanish word for hen is gallina.
  6. They stopped the car to let the DUCKLINGS cross the road.
    Notice here that the word is ducklings which is a plural word. Therefore, your answer needs to be in the plural form. The first and third answers are both singular so they are not correct. The Spanish word for ducklings is patitos.
  7. This was the first time that Timmy had ever seen a HUMMINGBIRD!
    The Spanish word for hummingbird is colibrí.
  8. The neighbor’s ROOSTER got out of his pen again.
    The Spanish word for rooster is gallo.
  9. The DOVE is known as the bird of peace.
    The Spanish word for dove is paloma.
  10. The Beatles had a song called BLACKBIRD.
    The Spanish word for blackbird is mirlo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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