Vocabulary - Clothes Shopping

Who doesn’t love to go shopping? Of course your answer to that question would probably depend upon what kind of shopping you were talking about. Well, this Spanish Easy Review quiz is going to be all about clothes shopping! Does that now pique your interest? If it does, then this one is going to be fun. Of course, you will be clothes shopping in Spanish so let’s see what you can buy!

To start off, the general Spanish word for clothing is ropa. It is a feminine word and is pronounced as row-pă. Now, our ropa trip will include looking at the following items of clothing, or clothing accessories. (Note that each Spanish clothing word will be followed by either the letter [m] to indicate that it is a masculine word or the letter [f] to indicate that it is a feminine word.)

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blouse blusa [f] blue-să
boot bota [f] bō-tă
coat abrigo [m] ă-brē-gō
dress vestido [m] věs-tē-dō
hat sombrero [m] som-brā-rō
jacket chaqueta [f] chă-kāy-tă
jeans vaqueros [m] vă-kāy-rōse
miniskirt minifalda [f] mē-nē-făl-dă
pajamas pijama [f] pē-jă-mă
pants pantalones [m] păn-tă-lō-něs
purse bolso [m] bōl-sō
sandal sandalia [f] săn-dă-lē-ă
shirt camisa [f] că-mē-să
shoe zapato [m] ză-pă-tō
skirt falda [f] făl-dă
sock calcetín [m] căl-să-tēne
suit traje [m] tră-hāy (the J has an H sound)
sweater suéter [m] sue-ā-tăr
swimsuit bañador [m] bă-nnă-door (the ñ with the tilde gets a nasal sound)

Even if these were the only articles of ropa that you ever learn, you could go a long way in being able to write and speak Spanish when clothes shopping. So now let’s go shopping shall we! To do that, below you will find a series of ten sentences with an article of clothing that has been shown in all capitalized letters. From the answers given, see if you can locate the correct answer for each of the capitalized articles of clothing!

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  1. Candy was looking for a new PURSE to match her new outfit.
    The Spanish word for purse is bolso.
  2. He needed a new JACKET before it got too much colder.
    The Spanish word for jacket is chaqueta.
  3. Jack decided to wear a white SHIRT instead of his customary blue one.
    The Spanish word for shirt is camisa.
  4. He found a huge hole in his favorite pair of JEANS.
    The Spanish word for jeans is vaqueros.
  5. Sally looked all over the house but was unable to find her missing SHOE.
    The Spanish word for shoe is zapato.
  6. Grandpa needed a new SUIT to wear to the wedding.
    The Spanish word for suit is traje.
  7. Everyone laughed when Clarissa walked in wearing her new HAT.
    The Spanish word for hat is sombrero.
  8. They each put a donation into the fireman’s BOOT.
    The Spanish word for boot is bota.
  9. Mandy had put on too much weight to wear her SWIMSUIT from last year.
    The Spanish word for swimsuit is bañador.
  10. Every girl should own at least one black DRESS.
    The Spanish word for dress is vestido.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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