Vocabulary - Food Glorious Food!

Food glorious food! We’re anxious to try it. Three banquets a day – our favorite diet! Have you ever heard this before? It comes from a song called Food Glorious Food that was sung in the musical play of Oliver. It was written by Lionel Bart. It is one of the most memorable songs from that play probably because most people really like to eat! Food can, indeed, be glorious – in any language and in any culture!

So, for this quiz, you will be having a review of many different foods and how they are spoken in Spanish. When you are at home or in a restaurant, you should try to see how many foods you can name in Spanish. That will be a great help in learning a new language! Now let’s have a look at a listing of some of those glorious foods!

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bread pan [m] păn
egg huevo [m] who-ā-vō
milk leche [f] lĕ-chāy
butter mantequilla [f] măn-tā-key-ă
yogurt yogurt [m] yō-gŭrt
pancake panqueque [m] păn-kāy-kāy
tea té [m]
coffee café [m] că-fāy
pork cerdo [m] cěr-dō
rib costilla [f] cō-stē-yăh
water agua [m] ă-gwă (here the word ends with the letter a but is a masculine word)
lemonade limonada [f] lē-mon-ădă
punch ponche [m] pon-chāy
chicken pollo [m] pō-yō
turkey pavo [m] păr-vō
celery apio [m] ă-pē-ō
rice arroz [m] ă-rrōze (roll the double rr with your tongue)
pea guisante [m] gee-săn-tāy
broccoli brócoli [m] brock-ō-lē
corn maíz [m]

Practice saying each word along with the spelling. In addition, pay close attention to whether the word is a masculine word or a feminine word. As you can see, the Spanish word for water is agua. Most Spanish words that end in the letter a are feminine but this is one of the exception words. Because it is an exception word, you will have to memorize its gender to use it correctly. If you were ever to say la agua it would be wrong. It must be said as el agua.

Are you starting to feel a little hungry? Then let’s see what foods are up for grabs. For each of the following sentences a food word is shown in all capitalized letters. See if you can locate the correct Spanish answer to that capitalized word.

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  1. Stacy ordered the CHICKEN sandwich for lunch.
    The Spanish word for chicken is pollo.
  2. The waitress put a large dab of BUTTER on top of the pancake.
    The Spanish word for butter is mantequilla.
  3. The class learned how RICE is grown.
    The Spanish word for rice is arroz.
  4. His mother could not convince him to eat even a single PEA.
    The Spanish word for pea is guisante.
  5. Derrick ran to the store to pick up a gallon of MILK.
    The Spanish word for milk is leche.
  6. The PANCAKE was bigger than the plate it was served on.
    The Spanish word for pancake is panqueque.
  7. Both boys grabbed for the last RIB left on the platter.
    The Spanish word for rib is costilla.
  8. Can you pass me a slice of BREAD please?
    The Spanish word for bread is pan.
  9. Since she was on a diet you only ate the CELERY.
    The Spanish word for celery is apio.
  10. The recipe called for one large EGG.
    The Spanish word for egg is huevo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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