Vocabulary - For the Love of Animals!

This Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quiz will challenge you on the Spanish names for animals. Who doesn’t love animals? Oh, we may like different kinds of animals but we still love animals! Animals are great companions and they can be a lot of fun. Just watching them play can bring a smile to your face! And now that you are learning how to speak in Spanish it only seems natural that you should be able to point out the different kinds of animals that we all love, albeit some of them we would rather love from a distance.

Most of these Spanish words are quite different from their English counterparts so it might take you a little longer to remember the new names.

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Practice saying each word several times. Close your eyes and see if you can envision the animal. So if you feel ready, let’s begin to tackle your first round of Spanish animal vocabulary words.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
animal (el) animal ă-nē-măl
ape (el) mono mō-nō
bear (el) oso ō-sō
bunny (el) conejito con-ā-hē-tō (Notice the 'j' has an 'h' sound.)
bull (el) toro tor-ō
cat (el) gato gă-tō
cow (la) vaca vă-kă
deer (el) venado vā-nă-dō
dog (el) perro pě-rrō (Roll the double 'r' with your tongue.)
goat (la) cabra kă-bră
hog, pig (el) cerdo cěr-dō
kitten (el) gatito gă-tē-tō
lamb (el) cordero cor-dā-rō
lion (el) león lā-ōn
mouse (el) ratón ră-tōn
puppy (el) cachorro kă-chō-rrō (Roll the double 'r' with your tongue.)
raccoon (el) mapache mă-pă-chāy

When you believe you are ready, move on to the quiz section and see how many answers you can get correct. The quiz contains ten sentences with an animal name that has been capitalized. Match that capitalized animal with one of the answers.

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  1. His black eye made him look like a RACCOON.
    The Spanish animal word for raccoon is mapache.
  2. Sometimes you have to take a BULL by the horns.
    The Spanish animal word for bull is toro.
  3. Janelle dyed her BUNNY pink for Easter.
    The Spanish animal word for bunny is conejito.
  4. Natalie picked the smallest KITTEN in the litter.
    The Spanish animal word for kitten is gatito.
  5. Buster sure is a big DOG!
    The Spanish animal word for dog is perro.
  6. Her favorite circus animal was the BEAR.
    The Spanish animal word for bear is oso.
  7. Janet squealed loudly when she saw a MOUSE.
    The Spanish animal word for mouse is ratón.
  8. Have you ever seen an APE at a zoo?
    The Spanish animal word for ape is mono.
  9. The little girl was totally fascinated to see a COW.
    The Spanish animal word for cow is vaca.
  10. He entered the PIG catching contest at the county fair.
    The Spanish animal word for pig is cerdo.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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