Vocabulary - Furnishing a House!

This vocabulary Spanish Easy Review quiz will review the words for furnishings found in a house. Yes, it is yet another vocabulary quiz. The Spanish Easy Review quizzes are chock full of vocabulary words that need to be learned or re-learned before you can really get into learning how to speak in Spanish. With each vocabulary quiz, however, your mind is being stretched and shaped into being able to think in two different languages.

Although there are a lot of words to remember and memorize, with patience, practice, practice and practice, all of these words will become secondary to you. With that in mind, let’s think about taking another shopping trip.

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This time we will be shopping for furnishings for a new house. You probably have not had the opportunity to do that yet but this quiz is going to give you that opportunity. Not only that, but you will get the opportunity to do so in Spanish! You will be looking at furniture and household items for each room of the house, i.e., the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, the office and even the bathroom. Here is your furniture/household shopping list to be on the lookout for!


armchair sillón [m] sē-yŏn
bed cama [f] că-mă
carpet alfombra [f] ăl-fōm-bră
computer computador [m] com-pū-tă-door
couch sofá [m] sō-fă (here is one of those words that ends with the letter a but is a masculine word)
desk escritorio [m] ěs-krē-tŏr-ē-ō
dresser tocador [m] tō-că-door
furniture mueble [m] mwā-blā
lamp lámpara [f] lăm-pă-ră
mirror espejo [m] ěs-pā-hō (notice the J has an H sound)
oven horno [m] or-nō (notice the H is silent.)
pillow almohada [f] ăl-mwă-dă (note that that the letters of moh run together sounding like mw)
refrigerator refrigerador [m] rā-frĭ-hā-ră-door (notice the G has an H sound)
shower ducha [f] dū-chă
sofa sofá [m] sō-fă (here is one of those words that ends with the letter a but is a masculine word / it is also the same word as for couch)
stove estufa [f] ěs-stū-fă
table mesa [f] mā-să
television televisión [f] těl-ā-vĭ-sē-on
towel toalla [f] tō-ā-yă

Most of these vocabulary words are quite different from their English counterparts so it will take concentration to memorize each one of them. Do not forget to use the phonetic pronunciations to help you say the words properly. Say each one out loud so that not only does your eyes and brain start to understand and know the words but so, too, does your ears. Hearing the words spoken is essential.

When you have got all of the words, spellings and pronunciations down, move on to the quiz section below. There will be ten sentences with a piece of furniture or household item shown in all capitalized letters. See if you can find it’s Spanish or English counterpart among the answers provided.

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  1. Mandy preferred the brown COUCH over the olive green one.
    The Spanish word for couch is sofá.
  2. It was going to be her first time learning how to use the STOVE.
    The Spanish word for stove is estufa.
  3. She put her books on top of her DESK.
    The Spanish word for desk is escritorio.
  4. Grace was not fond of the ALFOMBRA the salesman showed her.
    The Spanish word alfombra means carpet.
  5. Jessie preferred the firm PILLOW over the soft one.
    The Spanish word for pillow is almohada.
  6. She could not find what she was looking for in the TOCADOR.
    The Spanish word tocador means dresser.
  7. She asked her parents if she could get a new CAMA for Christmas.
    The Spanish word cama means bed.
  8. The directions said to set the OVEN to 350 degrees.
    The Spanish word for oven is horno.
  9. Sandy left her beach TOWEL at her friend’s house.
    The Spanish word for towel is toalla.
  10. Dad always claims the ARMCHAIR as his.
    The Spanish word for armchair is sillón.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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