Vocabulary - Home Sweet Home

This Spanish Easy Review vocabulary quiz will test you on words all about home sweet home! If you have been moving along the Spanish Easy Review quizzes in their specific order, by this quiz you will have studied vocabulary words about foods, clothes, furniture and some household items. Now it is time to look inside a house and focus on the rooms that exist there. These rooms include where you eat, where you watch TV, where you sleep, where you play, where you store things and so on.

To help you practice your new 'Home Sweet Home' vocabulary words, try walking around your house and name each room in English and then say it in Spanish.

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Do this several times so that the Spanish word and the image of the room, ceiling, window, floor, etc. starts to take hold in the mind. Then see if you can walk into each room and name the room only in Spanish! Remember, as you learn a new language you are retraining the brain to think in that language.

So with that in mind, let’s look at the Spanish vocabulary words about a house which, by the way is [la] casa in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronounced (Phonetically) As
attic (el) ático ă-tē-kō
basement/cellar (el) sótano sō-tă-nō
bathroom (el) baño băr-nnō (Scrunch the nose when saying the 'n' sound.)
bedroom (la) recámara rāy-că-mă-ră
ceiling (el) techo tě-chō
closet (el) armario ăr-mă-rē-ō
dining room (el) comedor kō-māy-door
door (la) puerta pware-tă
floor (el) piso pē-sō
foyer/lobby (el) vestíbulo věs-tē-boo-lō
kitchen (la) cocina kō-sē-nă
living room (la) sala să-lă
pantry (la) despensa dāy-spěn-să
stair (la) escalera ěs-că-lāy-ră
window (la) ventana věn-tă-nă

When you are ready, move on to the quiz below! For each sentence in the quiz you will find a word that has been capitalized. See if you can locate the correct Spanish vocabulary word that matches the capitalized word.

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  1. We always greet our guests in the FOYER.
    The Spanish word for foyer is vestíbulo.
  2. Father put all of the suitcases up in the ATTIC.
    The Spanish word for attic is ático.
  3. Look in the PANTRY for some sugar.
    The Spanish word for pantry is despensa.
  4. Teddy saw a large crack in the CEILING.
    The Spanish word for ceiling is techo.
  5. Mother sent Patty to her BEDROOM.
    The Spanish word for bedroom is recámara.
  6. Kally was afraid to go down into the CELLAR.
    The Spanish word for cellar is sótano.
  7. Open the WINDOW and let some air in here!
    The Spanish word for window is ventana.
  8. There was a long line in front of the BATHROOM.
    The Spanish word for bathroom is baño.
  9. That is Steven’s HOUSE.
    The Spanish word for house is casa.
  10. Mikey spilled the milk on the FLOOR.
    The Spanish word for floor is piso.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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