Vocabulary - Languages of the World!

You know how to speak English and you are learning how to speak Spanish but there are many other languages out there such as Latin, French, Italian, German and so on. So although you will not be learning those languages in this series of quizzes, it’s important to know how to say each language as it is spoken in Spanish. Therefore, this vocabulary Spanish Easy Review quiz will review some of the different languages of the world. After all, they too are part of the Spanish language as well.

One item of note, it is important to remember that in Spanish, languages do not begin with a capital letter as they do in English. For example, English in Spanish is ingles. It is not Ingles unless it is the beginning word of a sentence or is part of a title.

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Now, without further delay, let’s have a look as some of the languages of the world!


English inglés [m] ěn-glěs
Spanish español [m] ěs-păn-nōl (the N has a nasal sound)
French francés [m] frăn-sāys
Italian italiano [m] ē-tăl-ē-ă-nō
Latin latín [m] lā-teen
German alemán [m] ăl-ā-măn
Portuguese portugués [m] por-tū-guess
Romanian rumano [m] rū-mă-nō
Japanese japonés [m] hă-pōn-āze (notice the J has an H sound)
Chinese chino [m] chē-nō
Mandarin mandarín [m] man-dă-rēn
Indian indio [m] in-dē-ō
Norwegian noruego [m] nor-wāy-gō
Hebrew hebreo [m] ā-brāy-ō

Did you know that there are actually about 6,700 different languages spoken in the world? Many of those languages are spoken by only a few people such as in tribal groups. Others are spoken by people who live in wilderness areas. I guess it’s a good thing that you only have to learn a second language with this series. That thought might make it a lot easier to tackle Spanish and, if you remember, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Now let’s move on to the quiz.

Below there are ten sentences. They will be about areas of the world. Your task is to see if you can find the correct language that would be spoken in that area. Some might be a bit tough but if you know a little about geography, that should help you determine the right language for the right place!

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  1. This is the primary language that is spoken in Brazil.
    The primary language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese or portugués in Spanish.
  2. This is the primary language that is spoken in Austria.
    The primary language spoken in Austria is German or alemán in Spanish.
  3. This is the primary language spoken in a Catholic Mass.
    The primary language spoken in a Catholic Mass is Latin or latín in Spanish.
  4. This is the official language of the Vatican City.
    The official language of the Vatican City is Italian or italiano in Spanish.
  5. This is the official language of Monaco.
    The official language of Monaco is French or francés in Spanish.
  6. This is the primary language of Australia.
    The official language of Australia is English or inglés in Spanish.
  7. This is the primary language of China.
    The primary language of China is Mandarin or mandarín in Spanish. Notice there is an accent mark above the 'i'.
  8. This is the primary language of Israel.
    The primary language of Israel is Hebrew or hebreo in Spanish.
  9. This is the primary language of Norway.
    The primary language spoken in Norway is Norwegian or noruego in Spanish.
  10. This is the official language of Spain.
    The official language of Spain is Spanish or español in Spanish.

Author: Christine G. Broome

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